Sherri Shepherd’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey – Credit To Sugar-Free Keto Diet

Sherri Shepherd

The 51 year old, comedian and co-host of the show The View of the ABC Network, is apparently grabbing the attention of media and crowds for her recent weight loss.

She is giving credit to her outside-the-box dieting technique for her recent weight loss. The 51 year old co-host is proudly flaunting her new figure on instagram after dropping 25 pounds since March.

She entirely credits her 276 days sugar-free keto diet for helping her to lose 25 pounds. Sherri is one of the latest celeb among the others to try out the keto diet.

Sherri shared a photo of her on instagram on Saturday wearing a tank top and skinny jeans and caption it, “Getting it in!!!” “Over 260 days #sugarfree… can’t begin to describe how #amazing I feel,” she captioned on this photo.

She also added, “Energy, clarity of thought and mind. Focused … patient (with) my son. Hearing from God a lot more clearly present. I’ve done this slowly and steadily and since March I’ve come down over 25 pounds.”

The 5 feet 1 inch successful dieter revealed her incredible weight loss saying that it only helped her stay fit and slim but also helped her diabetes.

Shepherd told to Forbes, “Diabetes has forced her to make exercise a part of her daily life. It just really changed her entire way. She has been eating and leaving and that’ actually a good thing.”

Sherri Shepherd has been following the ketogenic diet. The diet involves eating foods that are low in carbohydrates and high in fat.

It is a famous diet, also followed up by Savannah Guthrie and Al Roker and Shepherd said, it helped her a lot in developing a new approach to a healthy living.

“That’s not a fad – it’s her entire life that is at stake”, she said. “It feels really so good to feel good.”

Sherri has always been pioneer about her weight issues in the past. In fact, in her early career, she had faced many challenges and was consistently criticized that she would not be able to make it up for a leading actress just because of her weight.


sherri with son


She also remembers one comment that she received while doing stand-up comedy in 1995 that was hurtful.

In 2013, in an interview with TODAY, Sherri told, “she had a manager from New York who said, she had to lose weight because she will never play anything more than just a girl next door.” That one statement affected her the most and for very long time.

“But that also drove her to prove that lady wrong,” she told to TODAY. Sherri said she cried when she played Tracy Morgan’s wife on ‘30 Rock’ the first day.

She cried, when she created her own show on Lifetime “Sherri”. “Her character had a husband, a boyfriend and she played the leading role in her own show. So it’s always that tape in her mind which she still trying to erase”.

The same year, Shepherd received a wake-up call when she diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She told, her mother too died from the complications of the disease and so she realized she had to make some major changes in her life.

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“My mom passed away at 41,” Sherri told Us at weTV’s Love After Lockup event. She also added, “And she realized… she kept picturing herself going, she wish she would have changed. She wish she would have did something different. And it was like God was saying, ‘you can do something different right now.’”

From that very moment, her faith assisted her to focus on her degrading health. She jumped off to a healthy diet and has been working on it ever since then she maintained a healthy lifestyle.


sherri in new look


She was and is fully committed to her diet – “I am pretty strict. I am pretty strict. I don’t do any sugar,” she said and meanwhile she admitted that it was initially difficult to be entirely on keto diet.

She said, “When she first started, she cheated”. But now she has strategy. Before looking at the bags of chips and candy, she used to a lot of self-talk like, ‘Sherri, how are you going to feel? Do you want the emotion of already feeling bad with whatever you’re doing through?’”

The actress also found a trick for successful dining out. She said, “It’s hard if you go to a restaurant. So she simply look for things that are less than one gram of sugar. She doesn’t use the salad dressing from restaurant. She only uses olive oil. He gets lot of steamed vegetables and protein.”

Now that she has dropped terrific pounds, she has set new goals. “She just wanted to be healthy,” Sherri said. Upon which she joked, “She barely can afford $75,000 to get flat stomach, booty injections and boobies”.

Sherri’s focus on her diet has also inspired her to develop a weight-lifting fitness routine. She says “she is going to go to gym and trying to work on getting a little booty pop in there and get some squat action and get a little cut in arms.”

She wrote on one of her instagram pic, “Some days she long for her trusty #butterfinger but she has already donated away all her size 16/18 jeans so no going back!”

Shepherd in 2013 told TODAY, “she doesn’t even care if you’re rich or poor, it’s all the same – it’s just about making a commitment.”

She further added, “She is the queen of excuses. At one time, she had a trainer. Ask that trainer how many times she said her ankle was hurting or she fell up going up the stairs. All that happened because that person got paid! So if you don’t make the commitment, nothing is going to change.”

Now it is clearly seen that Sherri Shepherd was and still committed to her health, and she looks radiant.

The actress is now very happy with her new look and appear extremely confident. She has her health and a lot more energy.

One of her fan wrote, “Sherrie, you look so healthy and refreshed. You look 25,” underneath a gorgeous shot of taken backstage at The Real.

See her interview on dropping 25 pounds.

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