“Inside Edition” Host Deborah Norville Weight Loss – Dropped 30 Pounds

Deborah Norville Weight Loss -before and after

Deborah Norville, the famous American television journalist and host of the Inside Edition made a big change in her lifestyle and subsequently lost 30 pounds.

Norville talked about her weight loss and said that she hated her body and the way it looked for almost a decade.

“She felt terrible” told to People. The Inside Edition host told, “She didn’t like walking into a room and walking out of a room because view of both ways was quite horrible.”

While being a best-selling author and businesswoman and being at the top of her game professionally, she had been secretly dealing with some personal issues. She was deeply feeling self-conscious and was unhappy with her body.

Actually, Norville had developed some health problem which was made worse by genetics.

Norville said, “She has a family history of several cardiac problems and the big wake-up alarm for her was rise in the blood pressure which she on the other hand didn’t like and got angry about it because she didn’t eat lot of garbage.”

It was a visit to a doctor where she was lectured about her high blood pressure which ultimately resulted in the changed lifestyle of Norville.

Doctor looked at her and said, “It will be nearly impossible to escape from your genetics at some point.” Norville replied, “Her blood pressure wouldn’t be so high if she weren’t so fat, on which doctor asked her to do something about. He told her to lose weight.”

Deborah norville entitled her weight gain as the “Fat 50’s” and added that she didn’t like the way she looked at all.

According to Norville, all the credit goes to reading labels. Especially when she paid attention to the sugar content items that what she was eating. She decided to cut all the sugar from that point.

-Deborah-norville-weight-loss-sugar-ditched sugar

“However, it wasn’t so easy for her because sugar is almost in everything,” she said. Norville told that it took her about three weeks to be purposeful for avoiding sugar. One will be stunned when come to know how much sugar is there when one start reading the labels.

She looked at her half and half and the second ingredient she found was corn syrup. It turned her into a delittante about reading the labels.

She further limited her intake of ingredients that ends with “ose” which includes fructose and lactose. Norville then started to prepare her own meal and took her lunch to work.


Ditching sugar, meanwhile, for Norville wasn’t easy and clearly meant that taking her out of the candy bowl during office break and making her ignore the boxes of crackers with hidden sucrose.

But, soon after three weeks, she observed that her taste buds had greatly changed.

“When she had half an apple, she realized that it was all working. The apple tasted too sweet to her,” she said.

Deborah started to eat healthy. She included fresh fruits as much as possible in her diet, high-fiber vegetables that she basically roast with olive oil and spices like turmeric and curry.

And every morning she used to prepare a bowl of oatmeal with flaxseeds.

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Without the real and certain motive of losing weight, Norville lost 30 pounds in eight months only. She added, she doesn’t count on calories and doesn’t have any exercise regimen, she simply stayed super discipline to clean and healthy eating and the weight gradually started to come off.

Deborah Norville said, “She is very happy now and feels completely satisfied with where she is now.”

“I look pretty darn good. I can fit in a dress that I bought a year after I graduated high school aand that makes me pretty darn proud.”

She feels like way to cheerful and is proud of herself. “I like myself better because I feel healthy,” Norville said.

Additionally, her blood pressure number’s are “definitely better” – and “she feels good so far,” she says.

Being strict at the beginning, Norville offers herself to have wine during holiday season. She is just trying to stay away from the hors d’oeuvres.

“Unfortunately, one of the things with sugar is wine, but she was no absolutist about that,” she said. She would not eat those pigs in her blanket though, because it’s not worth it.

Furthermore, Norville recommends all to drink plenty of sparkling water with lemon to fill yourself up and stay hydrated when you don’t feel much special with flat water.


About Deborah Norville Life

Deborah Norville is one among the talented and beautiful American television journalist who is lately recognized for her being a host of Inside Edition.

deborah-norville pic

Deborah was born on 8 August 1985 in Dalton Georgia where got her education and graduated from University of Georgia. She graduated in the Bachelors of Arts in Journalism degree. She had also served on the Main Court of the University’s Student Judiciary.

Moreover, she has also won the town’s local Junior Miss contest.

Her Personal Life


Norville married to Karl Wellner on 12th December 1987 who is a Swedish businessman. They both welcomed their third children. She had never been in any affairs so far with others, this is her only affair till now. The couple is very happy and living a happy life together with their kids.


Deborah’s Statistics & Net Worth

Norville stands 5 feet and 8 inches in height. She is very beautiful with blue eyes and blond hair. The American businesswoman and journalist, Deborah Norville gets enough money from her profession and so her estimated income is about $6 million.

Norville talks about her weight loss in this video:


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