Sophie Ndaba Shared Her Weight Loss Journey

Sohpie Nbada

Actress and businesswoman Sophie Ndaba has gone through drastic yet impressive body transformation. The Generation star has incredibly lost pounds and is now looking slimmer and healthier. Mzansi being one of the most obese countries in the world, Sophie is very happy delighted that she no longer is a part of that number.

When asked about her weight loss secret, she told there was nothing fancy just “hard work”. On an interview with Fresh Breakfast team on Metro FM, she told that she thinks she has overworked on it.

But she really worked on it and one can never lose once have so much weight and that she has really, really worked on it because she just wanted to see a new form of her and a new everything.

According to her the more important thing to her is leading a healthy lifestyle because that’s highlight of the struggles which she had for many, many years.

She added, “I think I was obese and in South Africa obesity is not addressed”.

sophie nbada


The 46-year old actress has already been married twice before to actor Themba Nbada and later to Pastor Keith Harrington, now preparing for her third wedding with businessman, Max Lichaba.

Her wedding is just around the corners and her weight struggle is no more an issue, it is now a thing of past. She said, she is in space where she is happy, lighter excited even when she go on shopping she is excited.

“She feels like she is completely new again and excited and healthier and she is going to teach other people how to start eating healthier. This is just the beginning of the beginning,” she added further.

Sophie these days enjoying the luxury of not having the need to worry about being overweight and she can thus focus on ‘new life problems’ like finding a perfect venue and dress for her wedding.

Sophie Addresses “Heartless Opinions” Over Weight Loss

The actress slammed distasteful comments over her weight loss. Sophie has battled with diabetes for more than a decade, decided to take back her power by adopting a healthier lifestyle about a year ago.

At her first appearance after weight loss, she was applauded for losing weight but lately became the target of vicious comments including HIV rumors.

Taking to instagram, she said that she is very proud of her weight loss and would not allow any negativity to move around her.

She said, “Some people sadden her because she has lost both her parents due to diabetes, she nursed it so she knows this fatal disease very well. It’s real, no joke”.

She told to haters that fellow sisters and brothers commit suicide because of the pressure of what you heartless people think and comment. Because of you haters they risk their precious life. That’s why she stopped worrying what any negative person thinks long ago.

She says that even though she is used to deal with those negative comments yet it hurts her sometimes.

Adding to her surprise, she says “She is very surprised to the reactions given by grown-up people when they share such heartless opinions. She is fighting daily to live for my children and family. God is her biggest partner in her fight then her hubby comes next followed by her friends and family”.

Being overweight was a serious problem for her and made her land in the hospital.

“She is an ambassador for those of us suffering from diabetes. And those who are obese but too scared to fight. She never hides for anyone. Life too precious!”

Sophie has received great support from her fans and followers ever since she received nasty comments that went viral on the social media.

One of her crazy or dedicated fan jumped to her defense and applauded her for making a change. She was Max’s ex, Thandi Matava. She said, “She admires her for choosing to lose weight, changing her eating habits than to lose her life and leaving her kids without a Mother. She never ever cared for what people are saying about her on social media”.

“People are crazy, they can go from loving you to mocking you no matter if you are sick or lose weight as if they’ll always remain healthy. We are shameless. If she dies then people will post ‘diabetes is real guys’ rather than to support her now when she’s alive”.

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She Reveals Her Weight Loss Secrets

The complete new transformation of Sophie Nbada is just amazing and everyone is loving it. The slim and sexy Sophie Nbada shares her secret to weight loss. Have a look on it, what she preferred to eat while dieting.

  1. “She takes sweeteners in her tea instead of sugar, it’s really amazing that how much cutting down your sugar can make a difference in your diet”.
  2. “She has been on diets for years, everyone knows that. They have what is called a cabbage diet, a soup diet, but her diet now is very simple which is healthy eating, creating a new lifestyle which she has proved without dieting”.
  3. “She is just a normal happy person because she didn’t need to go on diet, I just created a new healthy lifestyle”.

Sophie also cleared the all the rumors that was on air claiming that she was a “Herbalife” ambassador. She explained, “It all started after she visited Herbalife with a client of mine in my capacity as a wedding planner. There were staffs who recognized her clicked pictures with her and then uploaded to their Facebook profiles creating a perception that she was there for her own weight loss journey”.

Sophie Nbada Latest

“But Herbalife has nothing to do with her weight loss. This perception is completely heart breaking for her as she is a type 2 diabetic and people living with diabetes view her as a role model which is very important for people not to align this perception with her”.

Sophie’s New Look

Sophie Nbada is very excited about her new do. The 46-year old Sophie’s fashion and style has always been on point and has often tried out several new things.

Lately, she is seen with new fringe hairstyle and she looks quite very different and good also. Sophie who is known for trying out different things is really very excited about her new do.

Have a look on her latest picture below:

Sophie’s Wedding

Sophie Nbada for the first time confirmed the on-going speculation that she tied the knot last year for the third time. She was head over heels in love.

Her love life created buzz and headlines last year when it was reported that she flew off to Italy to marry her so-called business beau. At that time, she was bit hesitant to confirm the news but last week she told Trending SA that she was the taken woman.

“It’s her third but fabulous wedding,” she said.

sophie and max

Though she was not supposed to spill tea on her man, she joked that for the first time when she met him, she sang a ballad by Jamie Fox.

She also added with playful giggle, “When she met him, she sang a song called When I First Saw You. Actually she is a romantic person and so she continued to meet him again and again. Then one day he said, “Can we have bread and tea”.

She said, “She didn’t like his spot until she was in it. She was in it and then she saw what was in it and then I liked what was in it”.

Sophie previously married to actor Themba Nbada and then to controversial Bishop Keith Harrington. But fan’s hope was dashed when it was announced that there wouldn’t be any hope of seeing her wedding or marriage on her upcoming reality show. She would only talk more about her helping others.

She said, “It is not going to be very different and going to be like Being Bonang or Somizi’s show. It wouldn’t be all about her personal life only, still will be most of her and no doubt her fans going to love it”.

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