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John Goodman, the famous American star is returning back to his show The Conners in upcoming days. Fans are very excited to see him back on the show and assuming that how the spin-off show will be without Roseanne Barr, will the show be able to do on its own. However, the center of attraction will be John’s massive weight loss.

John Goodman has been battling with gigantic size and enormous weight for years. Not only this, he has been open about his addiction to alcohol which leads to unhealthy lifestyle. Sources have already revealed that later this month on ABC, John Goodman would flaunt his brand new look when The Conners premieres.


John Goodman, back in the month of February this year, told AARP that a few years ago, when he wrapped up Roseanne, he was not in a good place.

John very honestly said that, he was probably not in a good shape when he left Roseanne. He didn’t really care about it and he knew that it was his fault only. It was his terrible character that he had lot of resentment. He had always wanted more. He felt some kind of emptiness inside him which is still there. But what exactly now is inside him, he really doesn’t know.

He said, he thought that it was all probably due to the fear of not being good enough, not being worthy for what he was getting. He sometimes thought that it all might be a survivor’s guilt for being grown up poor. But then after 10 years, he was sober, started to look back with affection and now felt that how lucky he had been.

But, how does a person change his life at that point where he is a part of his former self? Well, John the same year, revealed that he lost more than 100 pounds just by controlling what he used to eat and the amount of it.

Tons of tweets flooded the twitter after the premiere. Here is one of them –

He told AARP that it was merely portion control and nothing much. He just wanted to set an example to anybody when weight comes thundering on you.

Then back in 2016, it was clear with the photos that he was losing his massive weight which he didn’t even expected that it would be this easy and would stay off. But John was afraid that it would come back as he had already experienced the situation where he had gained all the weight he lost prior to this.

Earlier this year, his weight loss interviews will show how he lost 100 pounds. The man, will be appearing on The Conners, obviously has lost even more weight. It seems like John is probably stick to his healthy eating habits, taking care of portion size and his daily routine of working.

John’s personal trainer and his longtime friend Mackie Shilstone told that he basically needed a wake-up alarm before the beginning of his weight loss journey. His friend Mackie took him to a cemetery in New Orleans where he asked him to dig a grave for him. Mackie then pointed out that john’s one foot was already in the grave. This was the wakeup call john needed.

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John’s Goodman Diet & Workout

John Goodman’s friend Mackie put him on the Mediterranean diet. This diet included mostly plant-based, a lower intake of red meat, lots of fruits and vegetables and highly driven by olive oil. Moreover, tons of omega-3 fatty acids and mood boosting food are also added in his diet which according to Mackie was much needed for John’s health journey.


“The addition of extra DHA from omega-3 helps in improving neurological function”. John told Mackie that it was easier for him to remember his scripts. It was about old times when he used to be an alcoholic and open about his alcohol consumption, but now he is straightforward to cutting back on alcohol consumption to shed pounds and reduce inflammation making his weight loss journey much easier.

When it came to work out, John took up boxing. Mackie put up him on three-month program actually for whole life. Under Mackie’s guidance, he did cardio and resistance training. During training, John was under close medical assistance so as to track progress.

While doing boxing, John mastered something in witless way, “let off steam and let go, not hitting anyone,” said Mackie. Mackie totally gave credit to sport boxing for changing the John physically and mentally. In terms of fitness, John took more steps in his day towards making physical changes.

Why He Lost Over 100 Pounds

John Goodman, as per his guesses, used to weigh 400 pounds. However, the 64 year old Goodman has not yet revealed his exact weight he lost now but the difference is quite astonishing and in front of everyone’s eyes.

John, after hitting maximum weight 2 years ago, he has incredibly lost approx. 100 pounds and he is planning to continue his healthier lifestyle. During his appearance on ABC’s Live, he looked slim and fit as he used to be during his Roseanne days.


Goodman told to ABC, this time he wanted to do everything slowly, the move and exercise because he is getting to the age where he indeed can’t afford to sit still anymore.

Specification on Goodman’s special weight loss strategies remains rare. He said, he never weighed himself and still didn’t know how much weight he exactly had dropped. His inspirations came from lack of purpose.

John told that he knew that it might sound sappy to you all but it was a waste. It takes great and creative energy to just to sit on your ass and trying to figure out what to eat next. He truly wants to live a better life.

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