10 Common Weight Loss Mistakes That Prevent You from Your Goal

weight loss mistakes

Losing weight isn’t easy, but knowing the right way can help!

Every year you set the same resolution of weight loss, but at the end of the year, you are back with the same weight or either elevated. There is nothing wrong in your desire or goal, but there is something wrong in the way you want to do it.

You might have joined the right gym, yoga session, and eating less calorie intake. But, the silly weight loss mistakes in your day-to-day life will prevent you to complete your goal.

To help you accomplish your weight loss goal, we have come up this blog. This blog entitles the most common weight loss mistakes made by the majority in the journey of trimming down. The below-mentioned information has been collected from the certified weight loss trainer, dietitian and fitness experts.

To know the mistake, that may be you are also making, keep scrolling down.


Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes Debunked!!

There is an old proverb “if you are not getting RESULTS, you must be doing it WRONG”. You can see many people, who didn’t lose weight even after long workouts and cutting down calorie intake. If you are also from this majority then you must be making the same mistakes.

To achieve your weight loss goal avoid your weight loss mistakes and stay fit!

#1: Being Too Much Strict About Your Diet Plan

A diet plan doesn’t mean it’s a straitjacket. Weight loss freak people goal should be to avoid sugar and carb meals at an extensive level. This rule can help if you stick to it 90% time. For the rest 10 percent, you can cheat your diet plan.

cheat your diet plan once in a while

Go for the meal that you have most crave for in this dieting period or favorite drink that you had avoided these days. You can also go out for lunch with your friends, who just love all the wrong foods, but only once a week!

#2: Going On a Crash Diet

Dieting doesn’t stand for cutting down calories to utmost levels. Don’t make it an enemy for health; it’s a source of your well-being, energy, and a healthy lifestyle.

going on a crash diet

Losing weight by reducing food consumption and again going back to the normal diet routine can be dangerous for your health. This could slow down your metabolism and you may encounter unusual food cravings resulting in a slowdown weight loss process.

#3: Not Eating Enough Protein

Lower protein consumption leads to weight gain. After mid-age, we lose muscles mass because of which our metabolism slowdowns leading to weight gain. Research has proven that diet with 50% protein is helpful and is safe for the majority (except those with critical health condition).

eat enough protein

An average adult weighing 130 pounds can aim for consuming 70 grams protein on a daily basis. These minor substitutions in your diet plan would add proteins in your meal excluding excess fats and calories.

#4: Not Getting Enough Sleep

“Being a night owl may be the reason, which is preventing you from weight loss. Getting a sleep less than 7-8 hours can affect your metabolism at an extensive level.

sleep more for losing weight

Sleep plays an essential role in effective weight loss apart from that it also helps in the regulation of hormones like Ghrelin and Leptin etc. This suppresses appetite and your food intake,” according to Haymin.

#5: Sticking To A Boring Fitness Regime

To get things going, you need to maintain an excitement level. Sticking to the same fitness regime can make you bore. Lastly, you’ll want to exclude it from your daily routine. The same is stressed by the Hollywood trainer Harley Pastnernak, in his first fitness-focused book, 5-Factor Fitness.

do amzing fitness regime to lose weight

He urges on having a different workout for every day, each focusing on your different body part. You can switch from resistance training to cardio or vary the number of reps. Just make your workout routine in a way that you won’t be bored with it.

#6: Skipping Meals

This is the most common mistake made by the newbies, who want to lose weight.  Most of the people think skipping meals would lessen their calories intake leading to weight loss. However, you may find it effective, but it puts a negative impact on your metabolism.

don't skip meals to lose weight

Instead of losing weight, you might have extra stored fat in your body parts. So, it’s better to have small and nutritious meals instead of eating less.  “Don’t eat after 7 it’s the time when your metabolism is slowest” as said by the famous nutritionist Toronto Aviva Allen.

#7: Overindulging On the Weekend

Overeating is a common thing on weekends. To avoid overindulging, you need to pay attention to a number of stuff. Weigh yourself daily (or on Monday and Friday as weight fluctuates on a daily basis) and keep account of your alcohol intake (this lowers food suppression and gives empty calories).

don't overeat on weekends

Research has also concluded that people don’t tend to realize their calorie intake, leading to having excessive fat consumptions, which again slows down the weight loss process.

#8: Lessen Fruit & Veggies Intake

Fruits and veggies carry the lowest calories density in comparison with any other food groups. Apart from that, these food items have numerous health benefits along with several helpful nutritious elements.

eat fruits and veggies

Most of the people who are heading to weight loss exclude these, that why not having an effective weight loss. Including fruits and veggies in your daily diet won’t only make you feel full, but add fewer calories to your account.

#9: Getting Back Into Bad Food Habits

Having a healthy diet for a while may make you feel contented. However, getting attracted to previous bad food habits are easy. You may put extra cheese on the pizza, plastering more butter on toast, have delicious dessert, or nibbling around cooking.

say no to junk food

Although, you might not realizing that these bit extra calories can successfully prevent you from losing weight. The best way to get away from these bad habits is to keep note of everything you eat.

#10: Being Impatient For Early Results

Set one thing in mind that You Cannot Lose the Heavy Bulk You Have Gained All These Years Long. It takes time, effort, dedication and motivation for effective weight loss results.

wait for weight loss

Don’t frustrate yourself by lower weight loss rate and headline news a man loses 40 pounds in a month. However, you are excluding the fact that you are losing weight at least. Don’t give up, keep yourself motivated and accomplish your weight loss target.

The Bottom Line

Isn’t the above-mentioned stuff were what you had been doing entire your weight loss journey? It may sound surprising, but now you know your fault. So what are you waiting for? Avoid your weight loss mistakes and start your whole weight loss regime in an entirely new way! Just exclude these small but silly mistakes and have your weight loss target fulfilled.

Have any other fault that you had been doing? Share with us in the comment box, so that we can share with all other lovely people like you!

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