Full Body Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout (20 Minutes) at Home

cardio workout for fat burning

Don’t you have time to go gym and spend hours on equipments to burn fat? Do you want to burn fats in easy way? So try out these HIIT cardio workouts for quick fat burn.

This is a fact that everyone out there including me is trying to adjust workouts into busy schedule. And thus there is need to implement quick workout plans that are well rounded and effective.

I know it may sound little ironic but we have to fight with other responsibilities and commitments to get into our workout plans.

This is high time for you to start practicing HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts which is best suited exercise regime for those who have no time to spend hours in gym including me. Not every fitness trend lives up to hype but HIIT has been exactly the same as what its name promises: “a big hit.”

Exciting right!

This 20 minutes HIIT cardio workout is absolutely an ideal choice for busy life because this quick workout regime will get you sweaty, heart rate going and metabolism revved up.

What more could we want from intervals? Right!

So for your convenience I have listed few easy HIIT workouts so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Get ready to be sweaty!! I hope you will enjoy these cardio workouts!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!


What is HIIT Cardio Workout?

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a method which uses alternate periods of work and rest. It acts as a huge departure from regular steady-state, slow and steady cardio that most of the people perform at a moderate rate for 30-60 minutes.

It is a high intensity training technique which gives you 100 percent results through a burst of intense and quick exercise followed by short sometimes active and recovery periods. This cardio workout helps you keep your heart rate up and burns more calories in less time.

This high intensity workout regulates the need for oxygen during the effort and creates an oxygen shortage causing your body to ask for more oxygen during recovery. This is the reason why intense exercise helps you burn more fat than any regular aerobic and steady workouts.

burn fat with hiit cardio

Benefits of Interval Training

Increases Metabolism Rate

When combining high intensity with interval training results in EPOC (excess post-exercise consumption) that speeds up the metabolic activities and converts into boosted metabolism rate that goes up to 48 hours after a complete HIIT routine.

No Apparatus Required

Don’t worry, if you don’t have any dumbbells. HIIT workouts typically use your body weight only since its main focus is to get your heart rate up and maintain it. These workouts result in optimal muscles building and retention along with fat loss and increased calorie burn.

Easy And Quick

Gone are those days when you have to go gym or don’t have enough time for exercise. With HIIT workouts, you can perform these activities anywhere: at home, in hotel room, in park, at the bench, etc. Interestingly, just for 30 minutes or less! Who can’t have that much time?

Useful For Lean Muscle Building

Since intensive exercising raises the amount of hormones in the body that are responsible for muscles growth, it is quite beneficial for lean muscle building.  This also helps in increasing strength and improves the condition. Moreover, it is helpful in developing your lung and hurt.

HIIT Workout Phases

There is suggested time for each phase that you need to follow while doing high intensity workouts. Starts with Phase 1 and gradually increase to Phase 4 as your fitness improves. So follow the work-to-rest intervals as mentioned below.

Phase 1 (1:4) – Weeks 1-2

15 seconds : high intensity exercise

60 seconds : rest or low intensity exercise

Repeat for another 10 times.

Total time – 14 minutes

Phase 2 (1:2) – Weeks 3-4

30 seconds: high intensity exercise

60 seconds : rest or low intensity exercise

Repeat for another 10 times.

Total time – 17 minutes


Phase 3 (1:1) – Weeks 5-6

30 seconds: high intensity exercise

30 seconds : rest or low intensity exercise

Repeat for another 16 times.

Total time – 17.5 minutes


Phase 4 (2:1) – Weeks 7-8

30 seconds: high intensity exercise

15 seconds : rest or low intensity exercise

Repeat for another 25 times.

Total time – 20 minutes


5 Unique & 20-Minutes HIIT Cardio Workouts

Perform these 20-minutes cardio workouts for rapid loss of fats from body. These are:

  1. The Non-traditional Burner

Fat burning exercises must not be downgraded to running, biking or rowing. Several non-traditional fat burning cardio to get leaner are becoming norm and popular. These non-traditional cardio are not merely effective but can break boredom usually accompanied with the traditional modes of cardio.

Perform these exercises for 3-4 rounds and rest for 2 minutes between each round.

The Non-traditional Burner



Sled Push10 yards
Kettlebell Front Swing10-15
Sled Pull10 yards
Box Jump10-15
Push Up10-15
Hanging Leg Raise10-15


  1. The KettleBell Conditioner

Use only one kettlebell for this circuit. The imbalance of the kettlebell and the fact that you will be fighting with the weight on one side of your body will have your stabilizers, core and other inactive muscles working in overdrive. This will awaken your dormant cardiovascular system while conditioning the muscles.

The Kettlebell Bombshell's Guide to Kettlebell Workouts for Women



One-Arm Clean10 yards
Double Arm Front Swing10-15
Goblet Squat10 yards
One-Arm Overhead Press10-15
Reverse Lunge10-15
Floor Crunch10-15

Note: perform 10-15 reps for single-limbed exercise. Then carry kettlebell in the opposite arm for reverse lunge as your stepping leg. However, the floor crunch can be easily performed with the kettlebell placed over your chest assuming it as non-weighted crunch.

  1. The At-Home Fat Scorcher

If you don’t want to go gym then HIIT cardio workout at home can be your best way to lose fat. In fact, you don’t need to get anything fancy to get in a great workout – your body weight is more than enough. Moreover, bodyweight training helps you build real strength and muscles allowing you to manipulate your body in a way that your weight and machine can’t.

The At-Home Fat Scorcher



Push Up10-15
Floor Crunch10-15
Squat Jump10-15
Bicycle Crunch10-15
Mountain Climber10-15
Reverse or Walking Lunge10-15
Short Distance Sprint10-15


  1. The Dueling Partner Punisher

This cardio workout can be beneficial when you train with another goal-oriented person. This typically has many advantages. It simply compels you to be strict to your program without any diversion in your mindset. You will feel more inclined to be pushed during your workouts. You will enjoy little fun while doing so and a little competition between each other.

So if you have devoted training partner then you are not far away from success. Start working out with your partner as a pair. Each of you has to alternate between two exercises without rest 3 to 5 rounds before moving onto next pair.

The Dueling Partner Punisher



Burpee with Jump10-15
Bicycle Crunch10-15
Box Jump10-15
Push Up10-15
One-Arm Kettlebell Clean & Press10-15
Sled Push or Pull10-15
Kettlebell Front Swing10-15


  1. The Outdoor Blazer

Nothing is better than training outside. Outside training is most beneficial for you as you get more oxygen, no waiting on equipment and the ability to perform cardio everywhere. Enter into the sprint interval training, say ‘no’ to the treadmill and other boring and confining equipments.

he Outdoor Blazer

Perform any of these sprint interval workouts alternating if needed:

  • Do Sprint 10 yards and walk back to start, then 20 yards and walk back to start. Sprint to each 10 yard marker up to 50 shoot for 5 rounds.
  • Do 10 30-yard sprints alternating it and moving back to start with backward running and side shuffles.
  • 10 rounds of predetermined bleacher run, walking down to start each interval.

What to Eat to Get Most Out of The HIIT Workout?

Apart from training stage, diet also plays vital role in determining how your body will respond to intense training. So add health diet in your training routine to get most out of the HIIT workouts.

Well, for your ease, I have listed the health diet regime. Follow them.

Fat loss:

  • 500 calories under maintenance daily
  • High protein (40% of total calories)
  • Low carbs (20% of total calories)
  • High fat (40% of total calories)

Muscle Gain:

  • 500-1000 calories over maintenance daily
  • High protein (30-35% of total calories)
  • High carbs (45-50% of total calories)
  • Low-moderate fat (15-25% of total calories)

For Aerobic and Anaerobic Endurance & Maintaining Body Weight:

  • Maintenance calories daily
  • High protein (35% of total calories)
  • Moderate carbs (40% of total calories)
  • Moderate fat (25% of total calories)

In a Nutshell,

HIIT cardio workout will help accelerate fat loss and improves aerobic and anaerobic tenacity. This cardio workout is most likely to produce quick results in relatively short period of time and this is the reason, it is becoming popular.

As a matter of fact, nobody can promise the exact results but is appropriate to say that after an 8 week HIIT cycle accompanied with weight training, you and others will be able to notice the significant changes.

Choose the HIIT activity and perform it consistently to get desired results in short time period. HIIT workout is absolutely worth choosing it for burning good amount of fat.


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