Teen Contracted Hookworm Infection in Feet on Florida Beach

Parasite Infects Teen Boy as Friends Bury Him in Sand at Florida Beach

POMPANO Beach, Florida – a teenager contracted hookworms on the beach while visit to Florida. This trip to Florida turned into nightmare for the family of victim.

Michael Dumas, 17 year old, from Memphis went on a mission trip to south Florida in June where some of his friends buried him in the sand on Pompano Beach.  By the end of vacation, teen started to feel tired and his ears began to ache, said his mother, Kelli Dumas.

Then a series of bumps started to appear on his right thigh and that he was later diagnosed with hookworm. “He is in agony and this is awful,” his mom Kelli Dumas wrote on the Facebook. “Never bury your children in sand or allow them to be either!”

Four other people on the trip were infected with the parasite, but her son’s condition was worst and critical, she says. Photos of Michael clearly showed the track signs from where the parasites made its way under the skin.

Boy's Romp On South Florida Beach Ends With Painful Hookworms


Teen infected with hookworms ON Florida beach

She further said that, his condition was worsening day after day despite taking medications. He was then referred to dermatologist due to its severity.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the larvae of parasite penetrate human skin when being walked barefoot on the soil. Hookworms usually survive in warm climates. Walking barefoot on the contaminated beaches and soil are its risk factors.

His lower body was covered with blisters, scabs and rashes. He had been treated with $1,300 worth medication. Doctors also froze his body to kill the hookworm. The Health Department in Pompano Beach allegedly told her, “Everyone knows to wear shoes on the beach because you can get parasites.”

Kelli replied, “I can assure you, no one know to wear shoes on the beach.”

Kelli Dumas told WHBQ, “It’s horrible and so painful. He has been through so much pain. I don’t ever want anyone else to suffer like this. So I posted this on Facebook to warn others that this can happen. I’m 54 years old and don’t wear shoes on the beach. I wear flip-flops. And I don’t wear them back until I leave the beach. I think that’s what everyone does.”

What is hookworm?

 According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hookworms are parasites which live inside the small intestine of humans and other animals. It has hook like mouth structure which it attaches to the wall of gut, puncturing the blood vessels and feeding on blood. 

Hookworms in humans create devastating condition and often lead to death if not treated on time with proper medication. Hookworm infection in human can be literally fatal, says reports of medical experts.

This is a photo of Michael Dumas' foot on July ...

How do you get hookworms?

Medical team says when you walk barefooted on the contaminated beach or soil because such parasites breed in warm climates where sanitation is poor.

According to CDC, symptoms of hookworm infection can be catastrophic. In most of the cases, people having hookworms in their intestine will not have visible symptoms whereas some may experience stomach ache if infected for the first time. In severe case, infection often results in anemia.

However, in case, parasitic larvae enter the body, a bruise may appear and individual may suffer from pains, diarrhea, weight loss and poor appetite. This infection can influence the physical and brain development of the children.

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