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Mo’nique Celebrates Weighing Under 200 Lbs. for the First Time Since Age 17

MO’NIQUE, an Oscar-winner is finally back on film in a new movie namely ‘Blackbird’ – and this time she as such of never ever before, looking better.

Since bursting on the small screen in 1999 with her starring role onto the CW (formerly UPN) hit show namely ‘The Parkers’, MO’NIQUE has always been very honest about her all struggles with weight loss. The very famous actress as well as comedian in her 2009 film ‘Precious’ (for which she actually got Oscar) weighed up to 300 pounds.

But since then, she has lost more than around 80 pounds over the past few years and is yet keeping off the weight. Recently on last Thursday, actress showed off her new slim figure in an Instagram video, revealing her significant weight loss.

MO’NIQUE said:

“Since I [was] 17 years old I’ve been over 200 pounds. Today was the first time in my adult life that I’ve been under 200 pounds,”

MO’NIQUE actress as well as comedian has never been shy on her physique. She has always posts pictures of her fitness routine onto the Twitter for inspiring other (especially the big women who just thinks that now it is impossible for them to get normal or leaner).

How MO’NIQUE Gets Motivated To Lose Weight?

How MO'NIQUE Gets Motivated To Lose Weight?

According to MO’NIQUE, people always ask her the fact which motivates her to lose weight. However she was always with only one reply that she had to do this (i.e., weight loss) for her husband as well as children.

She has always credited her family, especially her husband along with the children and all those things or circumstances that can jacked burn up at the harm time of being committed.

MO’NIQUE herself committed that her husband once told her that it is just too much baby, which is ofcourse not healthy for you. As I want to live with you for a whole life.

According to star, the moment was not good for her at all as she felt guilty in a way she hasn’t felt before.

Star on this, accepting her own fault on not concerning the important of health said that:

I have a son who is 23 years old, but I also have a son who is only 9 years old. I want to play with their children as a grandmother. I never want to be a burden on my family.

So, MO’NIQUE finally decided to fit or save her life via weight loss.

Information on MO’NIQUE Transformation from Size of 20 to the Size of 14

You can follow MO’NIQUE weight loss plan as well as the inspirational quotes from the social media where she constantly posts pictures of her workout or from this article.

Take a glance at some of the MO’NIQUE’s tweets on her amazing transformation:

July 2013

Mo Nique July 2013 tweet

March 2013

Mo Nique March 2013 tweet

May 2013

Mo Nique May 2013 tweet

January 2013

Mo Nique s January 2013 tweet

January 2014

Mo Nique s January 2014 tweet

March 2014

Mo Nique s march 2014 tweet

November 2013

Mo Nique s November 2013 tweet

March 2013

Mo Nique March 2013 tweet

The content below completely address MO’NIQUE weight loss journey.

The drastic weight loss which MO’NIQUE has gain after her film ‘Precious’ has indubitably aroused questions in majority of the people’s mind that how MO’NIQUE actually lost her such big amount of weight in a short span of time.

 So, if you are among such people, then here is answer to your question:  


Intense workout trainings, balanced diet, weight loss pills as well as physical trainer.

Actress and comedian herself has admitted of becoming a gym rat and relying completely onto the clean diets. Actress moreover has credited clean food along with more nutritional value to her positive weight loss.

MO’NIQUE Workout Plan for Weight Loss

MO’NIQUE actress wakes up sharp at 5:30 a.m. and then go out to gym to work with her trainer. Star two years ago, used to workout with increased intensity as well as frequency for three times in a week.

Star lifts weights, boxes, hikes, practice Yoga, weight training, sprint football drills, do pull-ups and pushups along with all the workouts in the gym.

She starts moving onto the floor every time whensoever find any space over there.

MO’NIQUE Weight Training and Cardiovascular Exercised for Weight Loss

MO’NIQUE said:

Monique Weight TrainingI have done the compound exercises for 2 times in a week for the time duration of 60 minutes. When my kids ridden bicycles, I jog outdoors on the warm days for 30-60 minutes in 4 days per week.

MO’NIQUE Diet Plan:

  • Breakfast:

MO’NIQUE starts her day with full of energy via taking almonds, fruits, walnuts as well as spirulina in the breakfast.

  • Lunch:

MO’NIQUE’s launch include home-made salad, fruits and nuts.

  • Dinner:

For effective weight loss, she has admitted of taking good amount of vegetables, spring rolls as well as mushrooms in the dinner.

Healthy Snacks:

MO’NIQUE whensoever feels hunger, take snacks or mini meals such as smoothies, fruits and healthy deserts.

Avoid Ice Cream:

MO’NIQUE has stopped eating her routinely fixed night ice-cream for losing up the weight rapidly since ice cream is full of cream, fat as well as sugar.

Besides from all the above mentioned instructions, some additional tips by Trainer to MO’NIQUE on Weight Loss

Monique weight loss journey

  • Do not eat fried items which are rich in oil.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat fresh red meat and fish meat.
  • Take plenty of fresh fruits as well as vegetables.

Hopefully, the above mentioned blog posted on MO’NIQUE as well as tips acquire by her for weight loss has inspired you also to stay fit as well as healthy.

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