Cheryl Burke Shared Her Weight Loss Meal Plan


Dancing With the Stars contestant, Cheryl Burke undergo a weight loss makeover. She apparently shed 15 pounds. She has been two-times champion ofDancing With the Stars‘ show. After making some necessary changes in her lifestyle, she lost ample amount of weight and poses for a bikini photo shoot.

The 30 year old dancer said that she used to hit wine club circuit every night in her 20s but now she has put her hard-partying past behind her.

Cheryl told to People that it was one big party but now she doesn’t want to live her life in that way. So she decided to change her lifestyle and now that she is very happy. She is eating well, she is working out every day and is now more responsible.

cheryl before and after pics

But on her complete new transformation and bikini photo, Cheryl was criticized by her 376,000 followers for looking too thin while on a Cabo holiday.

Cheryl responded to this criticism and admitted to Mag, “It hurts”. She was also criticized by press like Howard Stern about five years ago for being too fat. This time it is another thing. It feels more hurting when your fans say, “oh my god, you look like you are going to die.”

The half-Filipina beauty, Cheryl Burke explained that your body too changes as you change your lifestyle. This half-Filipina beauty is completely healthy, her curves are not going anywhere. He has definitely lost her weight but not in an unhealthy way.

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She clears to her fans that she loves them a lot but words are hurtful especially when it comes from those who have higher importance in your life.

At the Espy Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Cheryl glittered in a mirrored Tom Ford mini dress. She is neither on a diet nor on Atkins or anything. She is just eating right things.


“She is taking good care of her body. She says your body constitutes of 80 percent of what you eat and what you consume. It is just all about portion control, a professional hoofer clarified.”

Cheryl Burke has been reportedly found dating Cougar Town actor Josh Hopkins since New Year’s Eve. Perhaps he might have helped her in providing stability and support.

This is not for the first time that she came in limelight regarding her relation with Josh, she has also been famed for romancing with few other celebs like Drew Lachey, Rob Kardashian, Ian Ziering, Emmitt Smith, Jack Osbourne, Wayne Newton and Drew Carey.

The two-time champ is expected to be back for 19th season of ‘Dancing With the Stars’, premiering on ABC.

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Meal Plan of Cheryl Burke for Weight Loss

After seeing Cheryl’s recent weight loss photo, you might be wondering how did she managed to do that. Being trolled by internet people, she spent few years restricting her eating habits wherein she left her yo-yoing too.

Burke finally professes to say no to traditional diet, limits diary so as to avoid bloating and hold on to smaller portion of healthy and clean foods. This typically included minimal processed foods, Greek yogurt and lentils and her occasional indulgences like Mexican dishes, one of her favorite.

Burke indulged some of the menus that helped her get so fit and healthy. Here is Burke’s meal plan which you can use to fuel yourself to own a bikini slim figure.

Breakfast – Cheryl starts her day with turkey bacon and egg whites which is either on a plate or in a wrap. Getting enough protein at the beginning of the day will help you stay full and make you eat less all day.

Lunch – Cheryl mostly prefers Cobb Salad and swapping turkey bacon for regular kind. She puts dressing on the side so just puts a little on there. Her Cobb salad includes avocado, one of the best lunch ingredients for weight loss.

Dinner – Cheryl is very much concerned about the foods good for on-the-go where she includes lentil soup or lentil, peppers and corn salad from Whole foods.

Cheryl openly talks about her weight loss where she denies the rumors that she is caving under the pressure of Hollywood. See video here :


Did Cheryl Burke Lose Weight 2018

Certainly, yes. Cheryl lost about 15 pounds by changing her lifestyle. To prove it, she poses for a bikini photo shoot which is featured in People’s Most Talked About Bodies special issue.

The pics clearly depicts that her waist is cinched and an outline on her abs. Cheryl Burke now weighs 120 lbs cutting down from 135 lbs.

cheryl in bikini

Burke said, during a given season she always loses weight around 5-7 pounds. It is all because of their grueling rehearsals for long hours.

Besides, when Cheryl headed to Hawaii with her family she made sure that she worked out. Also, she added that she wanted to eat what she wanted but in a controlled portion. Basically she eats half of what she usually eats.

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How Much Weight Has Cheryl Burke Lost 2018

Cheryl Burke, aging 34 years has shed 15 pounds. She used to weigh 135 pounds which she successfully cut down to 120 pounds. The 5’4” dancer told Us Weekly that she got disturbed as well as motivated when she was trolled on internet for being “fat” 6 years ago.

Though Burke might have chosen a weight loss that was typically restrictive, undoubtedly made her drop considerable pounds. And surprisingly actor has not looked back.


cheryl burke net worth

In order to stay fit for long time and in off-season as well, she only focuses on clean foods, cut its portion and as a result, she maintains her good weight. “She feels strong”, as reported to Us Weekly.

Burke keeps her weight off by working out often along with a buddy. She tones up in 90-minutes circuit training-training sessions under the guidance of a pro, Brendan Johnston.


Cheryl Burke Net Worth

Cheryl Burke has collected an excellent amount of earnings from her acting and dance profession. Yet, she has neither disclosed nor very open about her actual salary to media. However, she has maintained her net worth which is estimated to be $450 thousand.

Additionally, she makes more money from her frequent appearances in the Disney Channel Series ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’.

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