The 7 Best Weight Loss Apps to Help You Eat Healthy and Shed Pounds

best weight loss apps

Probably there is nothing your smartphone can’t do!

The navigation system will help you beat the traffic, a streaming platform would help you for binge-watching, a high-quality digital camera would help you to capture the best memories, and so it does for your weight loss.

Cell phone makes our life easier in every aspect and this is the case in weight loss.

The best weight loss apps will clear your confusion as what to eat and how active you’re throughout the day. The key to weight loss is to track your calories and activity. These weight loss apps will help you to track this and serve as your personal trainer.

When you have these best weight loss apps 2019 then you don’t need to pay big bucks to experts to help you. You can do better with the current goals of weight loss or getting fit.

You can focus on three key areas to lose weight with these best free diet apps. Track your food lodging, activity, and motivation, and the combination of these 3 would help you lose weight effectively.

These weight loss apps are just because you’re always on your phone.

Best Weight Loss Apps to Squeeze Your Goals

#1: If you’re running for weight loss: Studio

Those days are gone when you had to go to the fitness class to do the same workout. Now, if you want to lose weight by running then STUDIO is the perfect app for runners. It’s a platform which delivers audio-based directions plus a playlist.

best weight loss apps Studio

You can get these directions when you’re on the treadmill and you can convert your room into a GYM. With this app, you can compete in real time with others through a data-based leaderboard. This is one of the best weight loss apps for Apple watch for the beginner.

This app will also let you set different levels (from beginner to expert) and music preferences. You can stick to your great workout routine with the music and lose more weight.

best weight loss apps Studio for iPhone

#2: If you’ve got sleep issues: Sleep Cycle

If you’re not able to shed those extra pounds then this is just because your sleeping schedule cycle. Weight loss is not just about the calories you take in and the calories you lose. But, proper sleeping is also necessary for weight loss and being healthy as well.

best weight loss apps Sleep Cycle

Waking up during light sleep is the most natural way of waking up. There are usually 5 stages of sleep you go through, stages 1-2 are light sleep, 3-4 are deep sleep, and 5th is REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

Each stage has a different kind of movements and this alarm clock uses sound analysis sleep states. This alarm clock also tracks your movement in the bed. Based on your movement and sleep pattern it will give you tips on how to improve your sleep quality.

It uses your data to wake you up when you’ll be in the lightest sleep phase. And, that would be your most natural time to wake up.

best weight loss apps Sleep Cycle for iPhone

Sleep Cycle for Android

#3: If you have high-intensity interval training: Interval Timer

If you’re a fitness freak then you would have heard the buzz: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This is the best way to burn calories and lose weight in less time. When you do high-intensity exercises within a particular time interval then you can lose weight early.

best weight loss apps Interval Timer

This will let you complete more intensive exercises without counting the seconds on the clock. And, you can lose your weight out of fun. You can plug in your earbuds and when it buzzes you can stop.

Suppose you’re doing any sequence for 20 seconds rest for 10 seconds for a total of 4 minutes this app will buzz when you would like to go with high to low-intensity exercises and back.

best weight loss apps Interval Timer for iPhone

#4: If you have trouble sticking with one workout: Aaptiv

Being restricted to a single exercise won’t help you lose weight early. You can lose weight real quick when you’re doing multiple intense exercises. This is perfectly how Aaptiv helps you with the blend of music.

best weight loss apps Aaptiv

Aaptiv allows you to workout when you want, where you want, and the way you want. With this app, you’ll get unlimited access to audio-based fitness class with the certified personal trainer. Get the perfect rhythm with the music you love.

This will help you experience more than 2,500 workouts in different categories including strength training, stretching, yoga, and many more.

best weight loss apps Aaptiv for iPhone

best weight loss apps Aaptiv for Android

#5: If you want to improve your relationship with food: Mindful Eating Tracker

When you want to go FIT and finding a healthy weight, adapting mindful food is the way to success. Because only exercises won’t help you lose weight and stay fit.

best weight loss apps Mindful Eating Tracker

This app will help you to get in touch with your inmate hunger and fullness cues to differentiate between true physical hunger and emotional hunger. It works with two modes: awareness and doing-thinking. It is anticipated that one can easily move from one mode to another.

It’s working style is completely different. It doesn’t focus on calorie counting rather it’ll help you to take positive decisions. Because ultimately that will help you in a long-term goal. You can log your feelings and hunger levels and then you can track your feelings in the graph form. This is the best option for a graphical learner.

best weight loss apps Mindful Eating Tracker for iPhone

#6: If you’re always confused about portion sizes: MyFitnessPal

Food or diet is the key to fitness. Unless you eat good food or you don’t add healthy food in your diet then weight loss and getting fit would be a great problem for you. And, weight loss MyFitnessPal app won’t let you go wrong.

best weight loss apps MyFitnessPal

This app will help you to lose weight, get healthy, change your habits, and start a new diet. It’s having in-depth calorie tracking, the largest database of food, and you’ll get the understanding of what food and portions to eat.

Have you had enough protein? How much of fat you consumed was saturated? MyFitnessPal will tell you all of that. You can even get a better understanding of portion control, Childress recommends heading to the MyFitnessPal blog. This is an easy to understand portion size guide that compares regular food and tell the size of that food.

best weight loss apps MyFitnessPal for iPhone

best weight loss apps MyFitnessPal for Android

#7: If you want to track your daily calories: Lose it!

Everybody’s calorie requirement would be different. Maintaining your weight is necessary and the right amount of calorie can help you stay fit. The calorie intake can depend on several factors like age, sex, and physical activity level.

Best Weight Loss Apps Lose It

This calorie counter app is the most fun and effective weight loss program. You can set the goal and track the foods you love to lose weight. However, a normal woman needs anywhere between 1600 – 2400 calories. But, if you want to lose weight you have to cut the calorie intake to 250 – 500 calories each day.

This handy app will track the calorie intake for you. Just give the input of what food did you eat and leave the calculation on the app. You can set the goal and track daily food and exercise with this app.

The premium version of this app will help you with the other user support. And, the coolest feature of this app is that you can take a picture of the food and the app will get you nutritional information.

best weight loss apps Lose It! for iPhone

best weight loss apps Lose It! for Android

The Bottom Line: Best Weight Loss Apps

You can find multiple apps which can support you in your weight loss journey. These apps will also let you achieve your goal.

These apps will let you track your weight, food intake, and exercise habits, while others will help you to make healthy choices when you’re eating out. Some of these apps will increase your motivation and give community support with the graphical representation of progress you made over time.

These weight loss app download for free either from the Apple store or Google play store.

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