How to Lose Weight Effectively – A Simple Diet Plan

Losing weight is the desire of today’s mass! Being overweight, not only gives birth to numerous disease but it affects your stamina, activeness, and work efficiency. You would also get many health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. But, if you follow a proper diet plan then you can lose your weight without any hassle.

Maintaining a normal weight (losing weight) would help you to stay healthier as you grow older. There are numerous ways to lose your weight, but most of them will leave you hungry, starving and unsatisfied. And this hunger will attack on your will power to collapse your plan in the dust. So, you need to have a proper diet plan that serves your weight loss without letting you starving.


What Diet Plan Will Help You to Lose Your Weight?

It may not seem a big deal when you gain a few pounds during the year, but this pounds will be added over time. And this added weight would increase the chances of getting health problem.

Keep on reading to know in what all ways you can lose weight….


#1: Cut Your Sugar & Starch Intake

In your weight loss journey, the first thing you need to do is to reduce the intake of sugar and carbs in your meals. You need to follow this step strictly. This will make the level of your appetite descend, and your body begins to utilize stored fats for energy.low sugar foods for weight lossIt gradually results in the reduced Insulin level which makes your kidney to cast excess sodium and water off your body. So, it makes you possible to lose up to 10 pounds or more weight in the first week itself. Yes, you can also lose the same, by following this eating habit!

Let’s discuss about two groups of people trying to lose their weight. One is having a low carb but eating until the stomach is full and the other is low fat you restrict themselves on the basis of calorie and starve. So, you can lose your weight just by cutting down the intake of carb and the calorie will be reduced automatically and that to without hunger.


#2: Add Your Plate with Protein, Fats, and Veggies

Your meals are the fundamental thing that plays the most essential role in your journey of weight loss. You should have a diet plan with each meal including a source of protein, fat, and veggies with low carbs. Because “eating right will get you fastest results.”

Protein Source: meat, beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, seafood, eggs, etc.

It improves metabolisms activity of body by 80-100 calories per day. Diets with high proteins lessen cravings and compulsive thoughts of food by approx 60%. It also helps in controlling the late night snacking and of course, it automatically reduces your calorie intake of about 500 on a daily basis. All just by having protein in your diet.

Fat Sources: Butter, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, etc.

Don’t avoid fat completely, because both low fat and low carb at the same time would lend you to failure. It will lastly leave you to abort the plan.vegan protein foods for weight loss Low-Carb Vegetables Cucumber, Broccoli, Spinach, Cauliflower, Tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, Kale, Cabbage, Lettuce, Swiss chard etc.

Getting lots of low carb vegetables in is not a thing to worry. Even if you have it in a massive amount, it will just add over 20- 30 carbs daily. A diet with protein source and veggies gives all the fibers, minerals and vitamins necessary and needed to be healthy.

Have 2-3 meals daily. If you feel craving in the evening add a 4th meal too.


#3: Do Some Physical Activity

Doing exercise is not that necessary in this weight loss program, but it’s recommended. If you exercise, you’d lose weight faster. Lifting weight will give you a better result and more effective weight loss. Go to fitness center 3-4 times a week, do a little warm up and lift some weight. If you are a newbie to it then take the advice of a trainer and then start your training.physical activity for weight lossLifting weight will not only help you lose some extra calories, besides that it keeps your metabolism intact. Due to the side effect of weight loss, metabolism has been seen to slow down, but this can be made up by weight lifting.

If lifting weight is not for you, then you can go for any other physical activity. You can opt for cardio workouts like running, swimming, cycling, jogging, walking etc.


#4: Carb Refeed or Cheat Day (Optional)

You can select a day to drop your diet plan and have more carbs. You can select any day you prefer, mostly the preference is Saturday or Sunday. But you need to have a healthy carb to make your weight loss plan successful like oats, quinine, rice, fruits, potatoes etc.

But this higher carbs day is just for once a week, if you increased this number then you are surely going to end up with the failure of your whole weight loss scenario.carb refeedIf you want to have a cheat meal or have something unhealthy, then this is the day for you. Cheat meals or carb refeed are not necessary, but this can help to boost some fat burning hormones like leptin, thyroid hormones. And this could eventually lead you to an effective weight loss.

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10 Weight Loss Tips to Make It Easier and Faster

You have got 3 efficient ways to lose weight. Now, in this section, you will get 10 more weight loss tip to make the plan an easy-peasy one!10 weight loss tips

  1. High-Protein Breakfast
    Having high protein breakfast is very necessary. It gives a feeling of fullness and reduces the craving which eventually results in the less calorie intake throughout the day.
  2. Avoid Drinks And Juices With Added Sugar
    Having additive sugar makes them very bad for you if you want to lose weight. So, its better you avoid drinks and juices that have more sugar.
  3. Water Intake Half Hour Meal
    Drinking water can help you lose weight. A study has proven that drinking water half hour before every meal increased the result of weight loss of around 44 % over the period of 3 months.
  4. Choose Weight Loss-Friendly Foods
    For losing weight, there is a certain food that can help. Some foods encourage or speed up the process of weight loss like whole eggs, leafy greens, salmon, Cruciferous veggies etc.

  5. Soluble Fiber
    In different studies, soluble fibers have shown their effects of reducing fats. The effects were outstanding, especially on the belly area. Soluble fiber supplement like Glucomannan can do wonder.
  6. Coffee & Tea
    If you take coffee or tea, then it’s better you increase the intake. These drinks have caffeine which can help you boost your metabolism up to 10%.

  7. Make Your Meal With Whole, Unprocessed Foods
    Make sure that your meal is mostly based on whole foods. Because these are healthier, cause less overeating and makes you fuller.
  8. Eat Slowly
    Those you eat fast are likely to gain more weight over time. Eating slow makes you feel full, it also encourages weight losing hormones.
  9. Track Your Daily Weight
    Keeping the track of your weight on a daily basis, motivates and encourages you to lose weight effectively. This is also proved form research, it was found that this helps in losing weight and keep it to a long run.

  10. Proper Sleep
    Having an improper sleeping habit is one of the risk factors for weight gain. So, for effective weight loss, you need to take proper sleep.

This is the plan you lose weight while eating not starving or craving for food! So, what are you waiting for?


Is Losing Weight in Your To-Do List?

Choose the above-mentioned diet plan to lose your weight effectively without reducing your work efficiency and stamina. If you maintain your weight then you can avoid many health problems that can generate if you’re overweight.

If you’re new to dieting, then things would happen probably faster than the usual. The more weight you’ve to lose, the faster you’ll lose it. And within a few days, you would feel very good and more energetic than ever before.

However, the time of losing the weight would differ from person to person, may be little late, but it’ll happen for sure. Here, in this diet plan, you eat good food until you’re full and still lose a pounds of weight.

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