Top 10 Weight Loss Myths [INFOGRAPHICS]

weight loss myths- what are the myths and facts

We people tend to adopt myths easily which is really harmful to us. When we talk about weight loss, many people have myths about it. Here, we are disclosing top 10 weight loss myths through INFOGRAPHICS which you should ignore in order to lose weight easily.

Losing weight is hard thing to do and there is so much things said about weight loss that it becomes hard to find out what’s real and what’s myth.

You will easily find number of advises on the internet, in the publications, by word of mouth and on television where most of them are either unproven or literally not proven to work.


Some of these tips are helpful and may help you shed pounds but the fact is that most of them are not based on any kind of evidence or can even sabotage your efforts.

As a point of fact, people often tend to adopt myths easily that are really pointless and useless.


Here, we are disclosing top 10 weight loss myths through INFOGRAPHICS which you should ignore in order to lose weight.

Just have a look on these 10 myths…


Top 10 Weight Loss Myths

top 10 weight loss myths

Myth 1. Carbs are fattening

Undoubtedly, low-carb diet helps reduce weight loss and it is scientifically proven fact. You will lose weight as long as carbs are kept low and protein intake high.

But this does not imply that carbs cause weight gain because weight gain epidemic began around 1980 and people were eating carbs for very long time.

Therefore, whole, single ingredient carb-based food items are healthy as well as do not cause weight gain. In fact, eating low-carb diets are good for weight loss.



Myth 2. Skipping meals help lose weight

Skipping meals for losing weight is not at all an ideal solution. However, this can actually make you gain weight.

In fact, there are downside of skipping your meal. Your body will be deficient in some essential nutrients. This may also lower your metabolism which ultimately results in lower fat burning.

Moreover, the excess calories will be stored in form of fat in the body. Another possible consequence can be intake of excess calories in the next meal.


Myth 3. Late night eating causes weight gain

It does not matter when you eat. The only thing matter is what amount of calorie you take. Overeating late at night will definitely lead to weight gain.

But if you eat in right amount and intake few calories, you will gain no weight even when you eat at night.

So avoiding high-calorie foods at night may help you avert weight gain meanwhile will surely help you in losing weight. But do take a healthier dinner before 9 pm.


Myth 4. Weight lifting makes body “buffed up” instead of weight loss

Although the weight lifting helps you build stronger muscles, yet it burns more calories.

Most of the women are afraid about the fact that if they start doing weight lifting, they will look like female bodybuilders or their body will get “buffed up”.

In reality, you can never ever get into that shape until you start doing weight training.

In order to lose weight, exercise such as brisk walking, biking, etc. must be done that will burn your calories.


Myth 5. Physical activity is counted if done for longer period

It is not necessary that you always perform long period of physical activity to lose weight. Physical activities for short period but with full intensity, evenly distributed all over the week routine can literally help you lose weight.

There is no need to spend more than an hour to burn calories each day. Just regular exercise with full potential and intensity even for short period will help you achieve your goal.

However, while sitting in the office, you can use stairs or take a break for brief walking will definitely work for you.


Myth 6. Eating meat makes it harder to lose weight

Eating meat is way healthier for you as it is a rich source of proteins, zinc and iron that are helpful in burning fat.

However, it should be noted that eating meat in right amount is healthy else it can avert your weight loss process.

Additionally, you can increase the taste of your meat as well as elevate the fat burning activity by choosing cheaper cuts of meats and mixing it with beans, pulses and frozen veg.


Myth 7. Being vegetarian helps lose weight

No matter if you are a “vegetarian” or a “non-vegetarian”, if your calorie intake is high, you will never be able to lose weight.

Excess calorie intake results in weight loss that can too come from vegetarian diet as well.

Even though being a vegetarian is very beneficial for other health issues but it can results in weight if taken in high amount.

Hence, choose a vegetarian diet according to your taste and make sure to get enough nutrients from it while losing weight.



Myth 8. Just by drinking water helps lose weight

Water is one of the essential substance needed by our body to stay healthy, fit and for well-being.

Simply drinking water does not help you lose weight but it does keep you hydrated all day long. Drinking plenty of water even helps you snack less.

So drinking plain water does not burn calories. It only keeps you full, reducing your hunger pangs so that you eat less and lose weight automatically.


Myth 9. Exercise improves poor metabolism

Having a weak metabolic activities, people often tend to run to doctors and get medicine for that.

In order to improve your metabolism, you can perform some aerobic or physical activities. This will not just improve your poor metabolism but will help in burning calories as well.

Exercise is really needed to maintain a proper body weight and keep the body active so that you can enjoy your day.


Myth 10. Eating planned meal & consistent exercise helps never gain weight

The fact is you must eat and exercise according to your age. As you start to age, your metabolism slows down gradually.

Usually, your body’s metabolic activity start to slow down at the age of 40 so sticking to a healthy diet is very important.

Thus, if you want to stay away from unwanted calories and weight gain then you must adapt less eating habit or doing more exercises.

A lot has been done and said about the weight loss amongst people regarding fitness goal. In this world of obesity, people are now very concerned about their health and want to be healthy and fit.

In fact, there are some people who look forward for a quick solution for weight loss because they don’t have enough time to go to gym.

And there is absolutely no doubt in the fact that weight loss is a lengthy and tenacious process which takes time to give the desired results.

For those who are in hurry and want a quick weight loss can try out one of the best and legal weight loss pill in the market, namely Phen375.


So, What to do?

It’s your body, it’s your dream, now choose a better way to get rid of obesity and lose weight instead of following any myths.

To get a slim and sexy figure with no weight loss myths, you must go for Phen375 which is the best pills you have ever known.

It is clinically proven and FDA approved natural weight loss supplement which starts working from the very first day when you start taking. The pill is capable enough to reduce to 10lbs in a week and let you get your desire body.

phen375 bottle


What’s Phen375?

Phen375 is a weight loss pill which is designed to help you lose weight in safe and natural manner. The formula is very potent and clinically proven that contains no chemicals and fillers that will do any harm to you in anyway.

Phen375 also works as an excellent appetite suppressant that will make you feel full and reduces the need of extra eating. Moreover, the formula helps in increasing the energy level, boosts metabolism and boosts motivations.

It is regarded as the safe and best weight loss pill to work effectively and produce desired results quickly.

More Facts About Phen375

  • Fast And Safe Weight Loss
  • Increases Body Metabolism
  • Boosts Up Your Energy And Makes You Fit
  • No Side Effects And No Precautions Required (Clinically Proven)
  • For All Age Group & Gender

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What to Expect From Phen375?

  • Safe and natural weight loss pill
  • Increased fat burning process
  • Works as an effective appetite suppressant
  • Long lasting and quick results
  • Better sleep
  • Healthy and controlled eating habits
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved metabolism
  • Minimum food cravings


The bottom line is that Phen375 is an effective weight loss pill but should not be taken as magical pill. You can expect quick weight loss from this wonderful pill but can’t expect it do it in just one night or without any effort.

You have to make sure that you follow a good and healthy diet and little bit of exercise to cooperate fat burning process. And the result will be amazing and beyond your expectations.

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