How do I Lose Weight without Doing Exercise? 5 EASY Tips!

How do I Lose Weight without Doing Exercise? 5 EASY Tips!

Best tips to Lose Weight without Exercise

Sticking to a fad diet and crazy exercise plan can be tough. It is always a concern for overweight people that how to lose weight fast without exercise?

Well, healthy living doesn’t have to be hard work! So, don’t worry about making drastic changes just yet.

Here in this blog, we have 5 little changes that can add up to big results without doing exercise and dieting.

All of them are science-based.

What are those tips? Have a look.

  • Eat Protein
  • Chew food properly
  • Drink warm water
  • Use smaller plates to lose weight
  • Cut out carbs & sugar

These small tweaks will help curb your bloating and make you slim the healthy way with no dietary restrictions or workouts plan required.


Easy tips on how to lose weight without exercise

If you have ever thought to drop some weight, then you’re going to want to read these proven tips. Here are 5 proven ways to lose weight without diet or exercise.

Tip #1: Eat Protein

Eating protein is the best way to lose weight fast without exercise. The intake of protein reduces your hunger and further helps you to consume fewer amounts of calories.

According to research protein increases the feeling of fullness which automatically stops you to consume more food. Moreover, adding protein in your meal helps in losing weight naturally.

Some good source of protein includes fish, chicken, meat, eggs, soya, seed nuts, low fat dairy product and many more.

Lose Weight without Exercise


Tip #2: Chew food properly

It is advised to eat slowly and chew food thoroughly as it helps to decrease the calorie consumption naturally by reducing the intake of food. According to the research, our brain needs 20 minutes to understand the signal that your stomach is full and warns not to eat more.

Therefore, eating less food and chewing thoroughly results in weight loss without exercise. You will enjoy your eating which is the best thing of eating slowly and chewing food thoroughly.

When we chew food, it mixes with saliva which contains digestive enzymes which further helps in proper digestion of the food. Other benefits of chewing food are that you will never suffer from constipation or indigestion.

Lose Weight without Exercise

Tip #3: Drink warm water

Drink plenty of warm water half an hour before every meal because it helps to consume less calories and reduces your hunger. Warm water helps in proper digestion and is very effective in reducing belly fat. Warm water improves the function of the body and keeps you hydrated.

Drinking warm water is very beneficial as it reduces constipation and further cleans the body by removing toxins. Therefore, make a habit of drinking warm water from now because it is the best way to lose weight without exercise.

Just add lemon and honey in the warm water and keep a habit of drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach in order to reduce weight fast.

Lose Weight without Exercise


Tip #4: Use smaller plates to lose weight

It’s simple to understand that using a smaller plate motivates you to eat less food compared to bigger plates. Eating in smaller palates results in consuming less calories because smaller plate make you serve less. A small plate helps you to control and lose weight cause when you eat in small plates you think that you are eating more.

Lose Weight without Exercise


Tip #5: Cut out carbs & sugar

If possible avoid eating foods that contain carbohydrates. Such food includes fried food, white rice, pizza, white bread, etc. But you can include wheat and brown rice in your meal.

Try to avoid soft drinks and also sugar products like juices and sweets. You should not eat white rice at night as it causes gases and constipation that may lead to weight gain.

Lose Weight without Exercise

So, here you have it! Hope these tips may assist you in losing weight.

If you’ve grown tired of using these tips and desire for quick weight loss then take a look of the best alternative.

Unfortunately, if you want to skip these tweaks and are tempted to choose some trending weight loss pills, then the next section is especially for you…

You want to achieve your dream body it doesn’t mean you should take a pill that has side-effects, is inorganic, and made up without natural ingredients.

best weight loss pills

You can lose weight with intense workouts and going with the diet but an organic pill will help you to lose weight quickly. Natural and organic pill will keep your health good and help you to lose weight without side-effects.

What is the best weight loss pills that work?

The straightforward answer to this question is PhenQ!

PhenQ is a new generation weight loss and diet pill which is organic and has no side-effects. This appetite suppressant pill is made up of natural ingredients. The pill is produced using high-quality formula in US and UK in GMP and FDA approved facilities.

Being for a very short span of time in the weight loss market this pill has gain immense popularity among fitness freaks. You can go through PhenQ Reviews of the real customer; it has more than 190,000 satisfied customers.


This pill contains a multi-action formula which works on every angle to make you achieve your desired result. The pill will effectively increase your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and stop the production of new fat. The pill will also recover you lost energy.

You can achieve the following benefits with PhenQ:

  • Burns fat in the body
  • Lowers the appetite
  • Increases energy level
  • It stops the production of fat and storing the fat
  • Improves the mood
 Out of top 100 weight loss pills in the market; this is the clear winner, with the strongest evidence to back it up. 



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