Stan Walker’s Dramatic Weight Loss Explained! [Recent UPDATE]

Stan Walker's Dramatic Weight Loss Explained! [Recent UPDATE]

Australian Idol star Stan Walker confirmed to be battling health issues ..

27 years old former Australian idol winner STAN WALKER has a drastic change in his weight loss which is a result of life threatening illness. The full story is revealed by himself during one of his interview as he succeed in reducing his weight loss.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford told that walker’s illness was a rare gene mutation that required him to have his stomach removed.

Stan Walker Weight loss

STAN WALKER says “he did not eats chocolates and sweet treats”. He had explained how he is able to loss 30 kg of his weight.

Instead of going through so many health issues as Stan Walker gone through surgery and had his stomach removed after that actual battle started towards his health.


What Stan Walker Addressed Concern About his Weight Loss?

The past nine months have been life changing journey full of up and downs for him and what he just want to say that he is blessed to be alive and well.

Stan on Instagram wrote:

“I have stayed quiet for a while, I have sat back and let many people talk. I have watched assumptions be turned into facts”.
“What I will say now is that I have a lot to share with you all & I have something special to show you soon. This thing we call life has taken me to places I would never have expected”

Last week it was revealed that the Australian singer Stan walker is going through undisclosed health issue and on Thursday he finally revealed that he could no longer indulge in chocolate.

Stan Walker Weight loss

Recent Update by Stan Walker regarding his weight loss

Stan walker New Zealand native drew concern about the photo he posted on social media (Instagram) with New Zealand prime minister ‘Jacinda Ardern’ in which he looks damn thinner than ever before.

Singer actually via this worried his fans with his weird kind of slim down appearance.

In a recent Instagram post promoting documentary Walker on his weight loss said that:

He did stayed quiet as the rumors swirled in recent months regarding the cause of its sudden weight loss.

He wrote

“I bet half the people thinking I was on crack or whatever why all were saying feel pretty dumb right now,”.

Walker (a New Zealand singer who shot to fame as the winner of final season of Australian idol) finally shocked people with his slim look after ten years of his first appearance in an auspicious reality show in which he looked almost unrecognizable (comparing to before). He simply appeared gaunt and thin.

Stan Walker Weight loss

Recent photos of Stan showed quiet a dramatic transformation from the fuller faced singer that graced the Australian idol stage a decade ago.

He vowed to reveal what mystery illness he is battling after a sparkling concern when pictures emerged of his drastic weight loss.

According to Fairfax, a news media in Austrailia,

Walker was suffering from a inherited rare cancer causing gene mutation called CDH1 that has been responsible for the death of more than 25 member of his family members.

However, that’s not the fact at all…!!

Stan Walker opens up after months of rumors about his health

Fans has been asking Stan on Facebook for a while about his drastic massive weight loss.

A person clamming to be a distant cousin (who has been same health issue) explained that his weight loss is due to health reasons and not by choice. Upsetting seeing lots of posts with negative comments from people when they don’t even know the reason of weight loss.

Stan finished the post with words: ‘Whatever you may have heard, I’m telling you now, you STILL know nothing! I will share with you all very soon what has been happening… until then, if it does not come from me, then it is nothing.

Stan Walker Weight loss

Kiwi music star Stan Walker has had “a number of health scares”, his manager confirmed to Newshub.

His manager had not specify the health issue the Walker had been dealing with but has confirmed about the star performance at the one love festival in Tauranga last Sunday.

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