10 Effective Six Pack Tips to Become World’s Fittest Men

six pack tips

Being a fitness freak doesn’t only provide us a healthy body but, makes it appear fit too. Six pack body is a trend between the newbies in the fitness world. Everyone would of course like to show off their perfectly carved body. A regular workout may lend you with a surprisingly fit body but not the six pack Abs.

Like all, your thoughts also move around that performing certain exercise by using specific workout equipment will lend you with guaranteed with carved abs. However, for a developed mid-section, you need to have a well-rounded routine, which completely targets all the muscles and which can effectively elevate the effectiveness of each movement you make.

Apart from the exercises, you need to have an organized diet plan that won’t store excess belly fat. With the right diet plan and exercise strategies that perfectly work on your oblique to give you the seamlessly carved six packs abs.

Stop overlooking your abs training. Read till last to achieve the desired result….


How to Get the Six Pack Abs?


#1: Increase Your Water Intake

The excess weight you carry, most of them are caused by excessive water retention. This is what makes weight fluctuation a couple of pounds which will possibly dwell around your midsection area.

increase water intake to get six pack

By elevating water consumption, will keep you hydrated and ensure dangerous toxins. Apart from that, it is an excellent appetite suppressant, adding only a few calories on daily basis.


#2: HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Cardio

To get the perfect six pack you need to burn more fat. This can be done with cardio with elevated tempo and fast-paced movement. How much intensive exercise you’ll do that early you’ll lose your weight. Your high-intensity exercise would increase 15% more chances of burning fat.

hiit-cardio for six packs

HIIT is the best cardio which targets abdominal fat. This six pack exercise at home is very effective to get your result. These six pack abs workout routines can turn into a big result.


#3: High-Protein & Low-Carb Diet

These six pack abs diet are must to get the desired result, you must take a high-protein and low-carb diet. These diets would help you to get your result a little early. You might have heard “abs are made in the kitchen”. So let’s see what nutrients you should include in your diet.

high protein low carb diet for six pack

Carbohydrates: Body’s best primary source of energy are carbs. If your main goal is to have a visible six pack then this is not good as this retains the water. So, to get a visible six pack abs you should burn fat and for that avoid eating food that has fat.

Protein: It is your friend if you want to lose fat. This satiating nutrient will provide you a better food craving and hunger with faster weight loss which results in visible abs. The best source of protein are chicken, beef, seafood, yogurt, etc.

For vegetarians also there are a lot of choices available like soybeans, tofu, spinach, spirulina, and many others. You should cut the carb intake and increase your protein intake.


#4: Fat Burner Supplement to Burn Fat

Fat burning supplements are a great friend of fitness supplement arsenal which increases your metabolism and burn your body’s fat much faster. You should include natural ingredients to burn fat because inorganic one may have some side effects. If you take it in a proper way then it may smash your HIIT workout seasons. Fat burners work, use them!


PhenQ is a pill you can use for the same purpose. PhenQ South Africa is available on its official website and they can be delivered anywhere across the globe.


#5: Lift Weights

If you want to have a visible and precise abdominal muscle, weight lifting is the relevant and best way. You can increase your lean muscle mass by increasingly training with bigger weights. The amount of time can also matter in lifting weights and this will help you get six-pack faster. The more lean masses will have more chances of gaining the metabolic rate, it can be up to 7% higher.

lift weight to gain six pack

While resting you can burn more calories and this literally skyrockets your metabolic rate in as little as 11 minutes. Even if you’ve finished training your metabolic rate will remain for a longer period of time.


#6: Eat More Veggies

Re-design your nutrition plan if you want to achieve an optimal and visible six pack abs. This is not as complicated as people think it is. But, you need to have a plan and preparation for that.

Eat-More-Veggies for six pack

You may remember that in childhood your mom kept drumming into your ears to have veggies. Always eat your veggies as these contain minerals and vitamins. Veggies contain nutrients which are beneficial for your health and the poor source of calories make them a great food for the people who are trying to lose weight.

Vegetables help you to maintain a healthy bowel because it’s a rich fiber source. You should also have fruits in which sugar content is lesser and you can have it around workout.


#7: Control Your Cheat Meals

When you’re on diet a delicious food can turn into obsession and some people can’t control even if they try a lot. With all junk digesting food you’ll experience a rapid energy crash and moreover, these meals cause a chain reaction. If you find yourself going back to old habits then you won’t achieve the desired result.

no cheat meal for six pack

You have to be mentally strong to avoid these foods because these foods can ruin your chances of getting six packs. If you genuinely want six pack abs then you need to ruthless with your training and nutrition plan. You can eat CHEAT meal once in a while but don’t let it become a habit.


#8: Be Consistent

If you’ve decided to achieve the desired result and get the six pack abs then you need to be consistent. You can’t achieve a goal until you’re consistent because being consistent is the main driving force behind getting that impressive fit look you’re after.

be consistent to achieve desired body shape

A lot of beginners starts with a lot of enthusiasm like getting bulky and lean. But, after some starting period of time, the enthusiasm burns out and slowly they abandon their training and nutrition plans.

Some people don’t do their training and they don’t achieve the result. So, consistency is the key. Be consistent and use sound training that is proven to be of getting the desired results.


#9: Get yourself a Training Partner

If you’re not a self-motivator then you may lose interest in training at any period of time. The best way to get rid of it is by finding a training partner. You both can motivate each other and this will help you both to achieve the desired result.

Gym-partner to grab desired body shape

One crucial thing in finding a partner is you’ll get added bonus of commitment and you can account for the same to your partner. Same thing your partner does and he won’t let you go home. You’ll always have a workout buddy with you and you can share post-workout talks as well.


#10: Train the Abs Directly

You might have heard the spot reduction myth. This actually means that you can reduce the specified fat spots directly by training them. There is no truth in this. If you have a thick layer of fat then the abs won’t be visible.

train the abs directly and achieve desired body shape

Basically, you need not to target a particular area to eliminate the fat. Once the abs start appearing you should give your best to make them bigger. Some exercises will work great in making your abs bigger. The exercises can work as a greater definition to your abs, even when it is surrounded by a layer of fat.


Do you want to get the six pack abs?

There are numbers of simple hacks that will help you get abs in just weeks and months. But, if you really want to achieve an inhumanely strong core and spectacular abs then you need to make a real commitment and be prepared to go the distance. The main takeaway point is that neither worthwhile comes easy.

Washington wasn’t built in a day and neither will your abs. However, if you are already equipped with a strong work ethic, determination, discipline, and patience, results are guaranteed.


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