Where To Buy PHENQ in South Africa? The Complete Buyer’s Guide!


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  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Burns Fat
  • Block New Fat Production
  • Increases Metabolism Rate
  • Boosts Energy Level


  • Available Only On Official Website
  • Not For Minor (Under 18) or Pregnant

Where to Buy PHENQ in South Africa?

South Africa is a host of leading wonder shops namely Boxer, Walmart, Checkers, GNC, Spar, Safeway Costco and Pick n Pay– but you won’t find PhenQ at any of these stores.

If you’re all set, buy PhenQ South Africa directly from the official website as all the genuine PhenQ orders are placed via this site and it guarantees product quality along with safety!

Buy PhenQ Online in major cities of South Africa such as

  • Johannesburg
  • Durban
  • Pretoria
  • Soweto
  • Port ElizabethYou can also buy PhenQ in Cape Town.

Does Dis-Chem Sell PhenQ?

The straightforward answer is No!

Though, Dis-Chem has been spotted as one of the biggest pharmacy stores in South Africa with family clinics, dispensaries, comprehensive self-medication centers and so much more.

It’s a leading specialist in health food, beauty, health, sport supplements and well-being.

Moreover, Dis-Chem offers the widest range in these categories with competitive price and expert advice.

In spite of all these, you won’t find PhenQ at Dis-Chem (or you can say PhenQ Dischem is unavailable), because this pharmacy store does not sell PhenQ.

Donot buy form dischem store


Order PHENQ  From Official Website


Reasons why PhenQ is Unavailable to buy at Dis-Chem

  1. PhenQ manufacturer does not allow third-party sources to sell their product because they don’t want to compromise with the standard and quality of the product.
  2. Secondly, the company has its own strategy to sell the product and also they want to reach directly to their valued customers without any third party involvement.

Still, if you find PhenQ for sale at Dis-Chem then beware!

PhenQ-dischem-south-africa-pharmacy store

Buying PhenQ from other sources would raise your chances of grabbing a counterfeit product.

Thus, it is best to buy PhenQ dietary supplement from the company’s official website to make sure you have got a genuine product.



DO NOT Buy PhenQ online South Africa from some other websites such as Amazon, GNC, Walmart or eBay as there is no guarantee the product is genuine.

Rather it may increase the chances of receiving a counterfeit or a faulty product. Thus it is recommended to buy PhenQ in South Africa from the company’s website.

Receiving the original dietary supplement will ensure that you are able to attain the maximum results.

So, if you live in South Africa and want to buy PhenQ slimming pills at the reasonable cost then get it from the Official Manufacturer website.

Place order now and get the body you want with PHENQ

phenq weight loss in dischem


Listed are some specifications offered by the manufacturer regarding your purchase:

  • Your orders will be delivered to you within 48 hours
  • All orders sales are dealt with safely and strongly using 2048-bit security and safety
  • Comes with a 60 day Money Back Guarantee
  • It also offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world on all orders.
  • All over the world Shipping and delivery

Each and every single order placed by customers is highly processed providing a hassle-free delivery.

The company makes sure you buy the product or service with 100% self-confidence.

Note: Ordering PhenQ online from the official website ensures quick and safe delivery of your order.




Why People are Looking to Buy PhenQ in South Africa?

Even though South Africa is a visually stunning region and rich in culture, the major part of its population is facing health and wellness issues just likes many other areas in the world.

Obesity is a clear issue in South Africa as this country holds the record of the highest rate of obesity and overweight people in all sub-Saharan Africa.

According to a report,

It is estimated that up to 70% of women and around a third of the male population are either overweight or obese.

The worst part is that the problem is not limited to adults – a large portion of children aged 2 to 14 are also dealing with obesity problem.

South Africa Obesity Rate

Moreover, obesity is associated with numerous harmful diseases and conditions comprising strokes, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers.


Fortunately, a new powerful fat cutting supplement – PhenQ can combat the rampant obesity problem both in South Africa as well as in other regions of the world.

PhenQ helps promote fat burning, encourage weight loss & reduce appetite.

This slimming pill is considered safer compared to other fat burning supplements and also claims to deliver more significant results.

This revolutionary fat burner pills surely makes you achieve your weight loss goal that other weight loss supplements cannot even promise to do.

You will start seeing your desired result after using PhenQ dietary supplement for two to three months.

Here we have specified…

PhenQ Pros & Cons that clearly focuses on the positive & negative outcomes of the product.



Most of the weight loss supplements provide short term results while some offers little improvement or sometimes no improvement at all. However, PhenQ weight loss pills is unlike any other diet pills that helps in losing belly fat much effectively.

But, there are few pros and cons which are set forth below:

Below are the lists of five pros and cons that will help you resolve all your weight loss queries associated with PhenQ.



Suppress Appetite And Boost MetabolismAvailable only online ‎
Clinically ProvenAvailable only in solid form
100% NaturalNot suitable for breastfeeding women
Reasonably SafeNot recommended for people who have problems like sleeping disorder & allergic to caffeine
60-Days Money Back Guarantee
PhenQ shouldn’t be consumed in the evening or before you sleep
Made up of 100% natural ingredientsNot recommended for pregnant women.
Improve body’s metabolismNot recommend for those who are currently taking any medications.
Boosts your moodIt is strictly prohibited for the age less than 18 years.
Promotes muscle growth 
All ingredients are clinically tested and proven to work 
No Major side effects 
Built for everyone 
Affordable offers 
Positive customer reviews 

Now what could you expect more?

Let’s find out what customers (all around the world) feel about PhenQ.

We did a little research of its real customer PhenQ reviews, testimonials, comments that are posted online and gathered the information to give you the real facts you need to know.

phenq reviews

PhenQ Reviews

There have been extensive independent clinical trials conducted on PhenQ by National Institute of Health to back up the claims made by PhenQ manufacturers.

And the results are quite impressive!

A test was conducted between two groups splitting into two halves, half was taking an ordinary pill and other half was taking PhenQ.

At the end of the trial, it has been found that people taking PhenQ lost about 7.24% of their body fat and lost 3.44% of their body weight and increased their muscle mass by 3.80%.

Astonishing results!!

Besides this, people from all over the world shared their experiences and results they get using PhenQ.

PhenQ Customers everywhere sharing their experiences.

We researched on some of the PhenQ reviews and found that there was a very wide range of results.

According to most of the people, they lost 3 – 4 pounds within one month whereas some other PhenQ users claimed to lose a huge 10 – 11 pounds in just one month.

Well, that’s truly impressive!

Thus, after reading such wonderful reviews our conclusion is that PhenQ helps you lose weight fast in an effective manner without any side effects.

Buy PhenQ South Africa-Dis-chem

Is PhenQ a good option for weight loss?

Yes, of course.

PhenQ is consist of ingredients that helps to suppress appetite, boosts energy level and elevate your mood. But, it is mostly famous as an appetite suppressant.

PhenQ weight loss supplements is best suited for the overweight people and one who have failed to lose weight with exercise and diet only.

This diet pill has the potential to work significantly over weight loss journey for the individual who really want to see some serious change.

How PhenQ Works?

You can see the noticeable changes in just a few months after using PhenQ. PhenQ diet pills help in dropping fat effectively but you should look at the whole approach instead of looking on just one factor.

Thus, it works for all aspect of fat burning in just a single pill.

Here’s the secret behind formula

  • Burns Fat
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Boosts your mood
  • Inhibit fat production
  • Enhance energy

Does PhenQ Really Work?

Each person weight can vary depending upon different factors. This pill doesn’t make fake promises and guarantees that it’ll make you lose 20 pounds in a month. But you can see the actual result within two months.

The pill has been proven from FDA and GMP and thus it’s effective. The pill has also been compared with the people who consume another pill. But the result was shocking, people taking PhenQ were more satisfied.

PhenQ using people will see tuned figure with the weight loss. It also helps to increase energy and motivation.

PhenQ Clinical Studies

Based on the laboratory tests that have been done, ɑ-Lacys reset allows to burn fat by 7.24%, weight loss 3.44%, and increase in muscle mass 3.80%.

If you want to get the best result out of it you should try to know the exact reason for weight loss. PhenQ South Africa does better depending on the nature of these cases. However, it takes 2 months (60days) on an average to see the first results.

PhenQ clinical study

You should consume two tablets each day for at least 2 months to achieve the optimum outcome.

Does PhenQ Come with Guarantee?


Since the ingredients used to make this product is all natural and they meet the laboratory standard to help you accomplish your goal. Its formulation makes it very clear for its purpose and the customer’s feedback confirms its effectiveness.

The product comes with a guarantee of 60 days to back its success. You’ll get the full refund without any questions if you don’t achieve the result. You’ll get FREE SHIPPING option on all the orders with MONEYBACK GUARANTEE.


What is the PHENQ South Africa price?

The company is offering some wonderful multi-buy cost savings. Take a look:

  • 1 PhenQ bottle price >> $69.95 (SAVING: $10)
  • 3 PhenQ bottles price >> $139.90 >> Buy 2 Get 1 Free (SAVING: $100)
  • 5 PhenQ bottles price >> $189.95 >> Buy 3 Get 2 Free (SAVING: $210) + FREE ADVANA CLEANSE

For the finest worth, we recommend you to:

Order 2 bottles to get the other bottle for free. (This Involves Of free shipping & fast delivery.)


Order 3 bottles and get Free 2 + FREE ADVANDA CLEANSE (This also involves free & fast shipping.)

This Way You can save money by ordering more than one bottles at a time.

phenq dischem price: south africa

Note: PhenQ offers free shipping on all bulk orders, but there is certainly a small rate shipping fee of $9.98 on all single bottle orders.

These types of cost savings and convenient price will let you stock up and save money.


But, What Is the PhenQ Dischem Price?

So, you can buy PhenQ dischem from the official website and enjoy almost 13% discount on purchasing single bottle of PhenQ for the very first time.

It’s Really True!!!

Instead of $79.95, you have to pay only $69.95 and you can easily save $10.

However, PhenQ is available in different packages at its official website.

Here’s the Best PhenQ dischem Deal.

  • Buy 1 bottle at the cost of $69.95.
  • Buy 2 Bottles and get 1 free only at $139.90.
  • With 3 Bottles get two free plus 1 bottle of Advana Cleanse absolutely free.

Among the above-mentioned package, the second one is the most demanding deal all over the world. As it is noticeable, buying PhenQ from the real seller is in favor of you.

Therefore, choose your best and favorite deal at a discounted price now.

PhenQ is one of the reliable diet supplements equally popular among females and male alike. That is why it cost more when you buy it from any other retailer online.

But do you know about free shipping that PhenQ offers.


PhenQ Free Shipping

PhenQ delivery service is very much versatile. The company is always praised for the best delivery service as because it delivers order to each and every corner of the world.

To surprise you more, let me add that it doesn’t charge a single penny on any order.

Yes, it’s true…

PhenQ offers absolutely free shipping across each corner of the world.

So, select your best deal and order it now. And if you will not be satisfied by its result you can easily return the unused bottle. When you buy PhenQ from the merchant site along with free shipping you will also get 60 days money back guarantee.

But, all you need to be aware while making purchasing and don’t forgot to buy this amazing diet pills from its official website rather than any other online store such as GNC, Walmart and Amazon.


Final Verdict

Overall, PhenQ is an excellent option to consider if you are struggling to lose weight and trying to get in shape. PhenQ helps in controlling your appetite, making you consume fewer calories, allowing you to make sensible dietary choices and lose weight quickly, safely and with great confidence.

PhenQ dietary supplement is now available in South Africa at an affordable price. It can be purchased through PhenQ official website with huge multi-buy savings.

So, why wait?

Start your journey to a healthier lifestyle Today with PhenQ!


Buy PHENQ From Official Website


You can see the astonishing result in other countries as well. PhenQ Australia and PhenQ Holland and Barrett is buzzing in Australia and UK and is popular among them.



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    How much in ZAR?

    • 1 PhenQ bottle contains 60 pills that would be enough for a month. But, if you would like to achieve the best results then you should buy 3 bottles pack. You will get 2 PhenQ bottles FREE and it would last for 5 months. And the result you will achieve will be incredible!

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