John Cena’s Incredible Transformation: Loses 18 Pounds

john cena's body transformation

John Cena, the WWE superstar has stolen the spotlight with his new transformation. He has been the champion of his times in WWE. John Cena is increasingly busy with his workload in Hollywood.

John Cena, a worldwide famous name in WWE professional wrestler. He is a 12-time WWE World HeavyWeight Champion and works really hard in the gym with his fitness trainer not just to gain immense strength but also to improve his athleticism.

Cena is nowadays involved with several Hollywood projects and has a combination of comedy and action films that has filled up his IMDb page since 2015 breakout performance that showed his range beyond “movies about the troops.”

Even if his jaw dropping comedy performance has opened up many doors to him, including a legit starring role in ‘Blockers’ the same year, but home sweet home will always be with action movies for him.

His massive and muscular physique makes him fit for action hero but this time his upcoming movie Project X, he’s about to take a new approach and has to trim down pretty significantly.

John Cena is going to perform alongside Jackie Chan in his new upcoming flick, Project X. Cena is in Beijing, China for his flick and training himself at the Jackie Chan’s Stunt Team International Training Center. In preparation for filming, Cena has significantly dropped 18 pounds down from prior 254 pounds.

Apparently, he flaunted his new look and slimmer physique on Twitter and posted it for his followers.

As per his notes, he is working on combination of both martial arts and yoga which he symbolized with emojis along with weight training still included but in relatively small portion of his workout regimen than usual.

Based on Chan’s performance in “The Foreigner” and John Cena’s recent works on big screen this would be an excellent action movie. Thereby, it would be quite interesting to see if John Cena keeps the weight off for his inexorable return to WWE action.

For now, he is off from WWE Tv. Cena’s last appearance for WWE was in the greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. However, his expected next appearance is on 1st September in Shanghai, China for WWE Live event.

Next to that, John Cena is booked for WWE Super ShowDown in Australia. There is absolutely no confirmation of him in SummerSlam where he was rumored to be fighting with Undertaker, probably a rematch from WrestleMania 34, is not going to happen at all.

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