Aretha Franklin Who Surprised Her Fans With Drastic Weight Loss Reportedly ‘Gravely Ill’

aretha franklin weight loss transformation

Aretha Franklin, a famous American pop-singer surprised her fans with her recent appearance on the Wendy Williams show on Wednesday. The music legend revealed that she has lost remarkably 85 pounds after deciding that she was way too fat.

According to one of her expert’s advice, the amount of weight she wants to lose at this very age, simple diet and strenuous workout is not all alone enough to brought drastic change.

Aretha Franklin's Diabetic Workout Routine

Koplin told, “Losing such massive amount of weight with just simple diet and exercise requires extremely strict team. It is nearly impossible to shed above 40 pounds with that slow metabolism. Well, only surgical correction seems to be the fastest way to lose 85 pounds in just few months.”

“Lose any food which is smothered in hot sauce. That’s off from the menu now and no pig feet, too.” Aretha said on her The Wendy Willams Show interview held on Wednesday.

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, 68, on her own revealed that she lost 85 lbs on a talk show where she and the host both sipped afternoon tea in Detroit during the ongoing chat.

The 18 time Grammy winner said with a laugh, “She has been looking to her several photos and just said to herself, she was seriously too fat for words.”

In her interview, she said, “it was really very hard. She was doing everything someone could do to lose weight. Also, someone can’t even eat things that will hurt them eventually.”

Franklin didn’t specify the nature of the problem on her much buzzed health issue followed by surgery for mysterious ailment back in December but talked about how she feels now instead.

Last year in December, Franklin’s weight loss followed a severe health issue when she underwent surgery for an undisclosed ailment after her complaints about debilitating side pains. Speculations were that the 68 year old was suffering from pancreatic cancer which she constantly denied.

Rumours where all around the internet and swirling that though she was not diagnosed with cancer yet became seriously ill. She cancelled all her appearances and slew of concerts including recent Grammys just because of complications surrounding a gastric bypass surgery procedure.

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However, the star noted about the widespread Rumours about her health…

where she said, “a lot things were said.”

“She left that behind” she reacted to all the widespread rumours and further added, “she couldn’t feel any better than she is feeling right now.”

Even though nothing was clearly known that when she embarked on weight loss routine, she just looked noticeably larger while performing in Philadelphia on July 27, 2010 and bigger than current at Heat v Pistons game on February 11, 2011.

Aretha neither replied to our requests or comments nor elaborated the matter what has exactly caused her recent emergency surgery.

Nevertheless, Aretha Franklin was looking as healthy as ever before.

As far as her mysterious ailment is concerned, it was kept under wraps even to those who work closely with Franklin, told an insider.

“Nothing was made clear. Nobody really knows what was wrong but it was certainly not cancer” reported by a source.

Aretha Franklin Then and Now

Singing sensation Aretha Franklin lost an astounding 85 lbs which she revealed to DWTS contestant Wendy Williams. Aretha didn’t recite her mysterious health scare but flaunted her success to those pictures which made her realize that she was “entirely too fat”.

aretha weight loss transformation Her performance aretha-franklin-weight-loss

Franklin issued statement following her Death Rumours

There were rumours swirling around the internet that Aretha Franklin had passed away. This all started when a fake Aretha Franklin twitter account with just 129 followers and two tweets all in all, managed to gather more than 2000 retweets and 15000 mentions after posting, “it is with sad news that we announce the passing of Aretha Franklin “The Queen of Soul” 1942-2017.

Aretha’s team members were contacted by media that included entertainment reported Shaun Robinson and Roland Martin where they clearly denied the rumours and said that she is doing fine instead.

Franklin finally spoke about such rumours including the fake speculations related to health due to drastic weight loss in a statement emailed to US Weekly. She said, it was brief however, got the point that people shouldn’t worry.

She also added, “She is doing really well and all tests have come back good. She lost weight due to side effects of medicines, it really affects weight… thanks for all your concern.”

The Queen of the Soul sought for forgiveness if she misses few notes as she said that she has been fighting with an upper respiratory viral infection.

However, one can’t forget that she is now 75 and performing since 1950s. So dealing with respiratory and other health problems here and there shouldn’t be considered as big shock.

Is Aretha Franklin really ill?

Reportedly, the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin joined by the family members as she believed to be fighting for her life.

Roger Friedman, host of Showbiz411 reported that the diva is “gravely ill in Detroit” and that her family is looking for privacy.

This very tragic moment comes just a month after The National Enquirer reported that insiders feared as Aretha approached a year without performing a full concert. She already had hidden her battle with cancer and now all her fans and insiders were shocked by her drastic weight loss.

Aretha Franklin's Weight Loss Is Stunning In New Instagram Pic: Like Kris Jenner, Queen Of Soul Can Be 'Sexy'

The respected singing sensation, Aretha Franklin, age 76 years old is taking her last breathe at her home in Detroit after battling with cancer for 8 years, according to Showbiz411.

Source added families and friends were told two weeks ago that she could go anytime. It was already reported that her “health is failing” as she has shrunk almost 86 pounds.

Following the reports, former US president Bill Clinton posted recently on twitter.

Meanwhile, Beyonce along with her husband dedicated her concert to the veteran singer in her hometown Detroit.

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    After an illnesses sidelined her from a number of shows last year and this summer, Aretha emerged on stage over the weekend looking like a new woman. Fans gave her a warm welcome back as she launched into one of her hits, showing her voice hasn’t changed a bit!

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