Gordon Ramsay Secret behind His Stone Cutting 50 lbs. Weight Loss

Gordon Ramsay Lost Over 50 Pounds

Gordon Ramsay is a famous British chef, restaurateur and television personality. He has worked in many TV shows such as Kitchen Nightmares, hell’s Kitchen, master chef, Hotel hell and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Ramsay and Tana get married 20 years earlier and have four children together. He has won the 3rd Michelin star at the time of his weight gain. But in spite of those accomplishments, he was suffering from low self-esteem.

The chef ascribed his weight gain because of not eating properly while working long hours during vacation trips with Victoria Beckham and David and with families.

According to the daily Mail, during the vacation Ramsay said, “He didn’t feel that good as because he didn’t have a desired figure. And all he wants after achieving a lot in his life is to get serious shape.”

And there Ramsay makes a resolution to put off his weight that ultimately changed his lifestyle. Ramsay started following fitness routine that ultimately gives the results which are undeniable. As a results…

The chef lost surprisingly 56lbs (4 stone) & all thanks to those changes.

Gordon Ramsay Dramatic Celebrity WEIGHT LOSS

But, what’s the Ramsay’s weight loss secrets?

Gordon Ramsay disclosed the secret behind his recent weight loss, after the noticeable change in his appearance.

Here it is…

The 51 years old chef, has revealed that he felt forced to lose fat in fear of losing his wife Tana. And he pushed himself to shred over 50lbs. Gordon claimed that “he was fat after he rose to 18 stone but he has managed to shed 4 stones to save his marriage to his wife Tana, 41.

In an interview with times, the famous TV star told that “Tana was not impressed with the way I was”. Gordon Revealed, “I was overweight, looked like a sack of Shit.”

He added, he looked at his pictures of his fuller physique and think that why tana stay around him as he looked overweight.”

Gordon further said, “she is gorgeous and has got better looking and gorgeous, then why she is getting in a bed with a fat f***.

In addition with his wife’s warning, Gordon focused on his health and weight due to losing his 53 years old father because of heart attack.

However, after that Ramsay decided to put his weight down by working long hours and not giving time to eat properly.

The father of four regularly shares his fitness updates with more than four million followers on the Instagram showing undertaking triathlons.

Gordon Ramsay dropped 60 pounds to save his marriage

So, how the Chef lose his weight?

Gordon has discussed all his diet and fitness regimes earlier in the past. It seems Ramsay was very much careful to start his healthily day to confirm his diet success.

He has explained to daily mail that during his diet he ate:

  • In Breakfast – Almond milk with Weetabix.
  • In Lunch – Smoothie with frozen berries.
  • And yogurts.

In fact, Ramsay praise cutting down on “dairy” such as milk as the key to his amazing weight loss. He added, “No milk” only because it is lethargic. Cutting down milk and cheese has made a massive difference in his appearance.

Another trick he used in his weight loss journey is that, he drank lots of water to feel fuller and also to curb hunger pangs.

That is the reason he recommend to, “Drink a couple of glass before you eat.”

It stops you from eating more and ultimately you will feel better and eat less.

However, it is not all restrictive, and he decided to enjoy post- gym treats to help him in order to stay with his plan.

Other than diet, by cycling and training for triathlons, he has managed to shed 56lbs from 252lbs and currently weighs approx. 196lbs.

Ramsay’s fitness training is completely based upon his endurance training in spite of lifting heavy weights. He used to perform workouts at his home gym three days in a week with Usher.

Pictures of Tana and Shirtless Gordon Ramsay

While traveling Gordon uses Zwift, is an app for cyclists that makes him connected to the other cyclist all over the world.

That’s why he is still competitive.

On Sundays, he covers the road over 75 miles.

During his weight loss regimes Gordon said, “The more I train, the more normal I am, the more I feel that I am still unchanged.

The Chef said, “It’s just another little reminder of who I really am.”

Final verdict

So this was all about the secret behind Gordon Ramsay Weight loss of over 50 pounds. Ramsay’s is in great shape now and has not planned to stop it any time soon.

The famous British Chef said, “I don’t want my industry to kill me, I know how unhealthy Chefs are at top level. Stress. Suicide.”

And as results of grueling workouts 3 times a week, Gordon no longer runs his own kitchen on daily basis. However, after the transformation he travels the world checking in on restaurants which function under his name.

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