Danielle Lloyd Flaunts Epic 23 lb Weight Loss Ahead of Her Wedding

Danielle Lloyd Weight Loss

Weight loss is tough but tough people do. The saying has been proved by the English glamour model and television personality Danielle Lloyd.

Danielle Lloyd Weight loss is something she is buzzing in the news again.  The former Miss England and Miss Great Britain lost her title for posing in Playboy.

The 35-years-old model has lost the weight ahead of her wedding. The model is all set to tie the knot this year. She has happily shown off the fruits of her labor by revealing the incredible shedding of 23lb in just 12 weeks.


But, do you really know what diet plan did she follow to lose weight in such a short period?

Read the next section to know….

How Did Danielle Lloyd Lose Weight?

She penned: She can’t believe the great 23lb cut-down. It’s so hard for her to stay focused during this period.

Danielle Lloyd took to Instagram to share her stunning 23lb shedding on March 29.


The model mentioned that she has worked hard in the gym with @craig_velocity and done additional sessions with @gint1986.  She got amazing support from them in her journey.

Danielle followed a diet plan according to macros. This actually means macronutrients, which is broken down into carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

For this, she doesn’t like the word diet and says thanks to @robert_alexander_turner. She cheated her diet plan and said she’s doing it purposely to tailor her weight loss.

Danielle Lloyd, Liverpool actor says losing a massive 23lb and 10 cm round my waist. She didn’t only lose but she toned and feel so much healthier.

The model shares everything with her followers and they do interact on posts.

Here’s how…

Fans interaction of Danielle Lloyd

As she has posted her picture the fan rushed to compliment her sexy figure on Danielle Lloyd Instagram.

‘Phenomenal work. Amazing transformation. Well deserved,’ gushed one person.

Another follower writes: ‘So refreshing to see hard work pay off clean eating and exercise well-done girl you should be proud. ‘

Danielle Lloyd instagram

Danielle Lloyd instagram

Danielle Lloyd instagram

Danielle Lloyd instagram

‘You look insane babe!!!!’ this reaction come from a third supportive person.’

With another addition: ‘you look amazing well done, no excuses!! Hard work always pays off you will look amazing on your special day.’

Danielle Lloyd RIGHT move has come before her very special day. The model is going to marry with Michael, who she’s dating since 2015 after a meet in a Birmingham gym.

Danielle Lloyd Twitter

Lloyd has even took to Twitter to share her massive 23lb weight loss. Here also she has mentioned that it took 12 weeks of hard training to lose weight.

Danielle Lloyd Twitter

You can check her daily sharing with her fan base and reaction of those. The former Miss England is always active on her twitter handle.

You saw her social handle posts of weight loss.

Here the star has revealed her diet plan.

Danielle Lloyd Diet

The model didn’t follow any particular diet to lose weight. She has to stay focused and still had some cheat meal and a few wines just to balance the regular diet.

Danielle Lloyd implants her body by eating 4 small meals, 2 snacks a day, and doing workout 3-4 times in a week. She feels happier and healthier roll on.

You’ve got to know what makes her lose weight.

And, here let’s get to know for what did she do it.

Danielle Lloyd Implants

The former Miss England and Miss Great Britain recently appeared on Lorraine on ITV last month.

Danielle Lloyd was captured while leaving the registry office with wedding papers alongside Michael back in October. The model was so happy while leaving the registry office.

danielle Lloyd Implants

The-mum-of-four: Ronnie (18 months), Archie (8 years), Harry (7 years), and George (5 Years) would like to look best on her tying knot day. These 4 are from the previous marriage to a former footballer, Jamie O’Hara.

Michael has popped the question to her in Feb 2016. This year later the duo is going to get marry and that is exactly why she lost her weight.

Danielle Lloyd Shares Effective Tips for Weight Loss

After losing massive 23lb her fans wants to know how she managed to lose weight effectively.  The 35-year model pleasingly shares her tips and tricks.

Danielle left some awesome tricks for those who want to follow her footstep. Below are her superb outlines.

Dieting Tips


Stop over-eating

She says you need not to starve yourself longer for food but do not over-eat. You can have snacks when you feel hungry but stop eating once you feel full.

Say no to processed food

Lloyd says you should exclude processed food from your meal. Try to include carbohydrates and proteins in your food.

When in doubt eat at home

She says whenever you’re in dilemma don’t go out and cheat your meal. Be at home and have food prepared at home. If you cheat your meal on a regular basis you’ll end up gaining weight and losing health condition as well.

Exercising Tips


Do exercises

Danielle says if you do exercises on a regular basis it’ll help you to balance your daily calories. It’ll even help you to lose weight in an efficient manner.

Warm up and cool down

She says try slow stretches and go through the motions of your spot or activity before starting. Cool down with slow stretching.

Pace yourself

She adds give yourself at least one recovery day in a week. If you are experiencing pain rest until your pain goes.

Check your gear

Lloyd says, check if your shoes and equipments are fitting properly and are RIGHT for the activity. Look after your equipment regularly for your safety.


Another Weight Loss Story

You may read numerous weight loss stories everyday. But, just like Danielle Lloyd Jenna Jameson Weight Loss is doing rounds on the internet.


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