Ariel Winter Gets Real About Those Weight Loss Concerns

Ariel Winter Weight Loss

Here you’re going to read yet another stunning transformation of a famous star, Ariel Winter.

But, do you know who is Ariel Winter?


Well, stick with us and get to know about her and her weight loss journey.

Ariel Winter Workman who is better known as Ariel Winter is an American actress. The star is voice actress and singer as well. She is pretty much grown in the public eyes since her land in the role of Modern Family’s Alex Dunphy when she was only 10.

Ariel winter is trending in the media and on the internet for a reason and the reason is her weight loss. She has recently opened up about her prominent weight loss. And she’s keen to flaunt her new figure in social media.

Ariel incredible transformation is something making people go crazy. She took to Instagram to share her weight loss picture. Winter has also answered her fans question and responded to a few more comments about her physical appearance.

Here’s what made her to lose weight.

What is the Ariel Winter Weight Loss Secret?

Ariel Winter weight loss is a hot topic among her fans. Some of them are alleging that the secret behind her weight loss is plastic surgery and some of them are saying she used drugs. But, Winter has responded to a fan question (Why so thin?) and revealed the secret behind her weight loss.

what didn't work for Ariel Winter Weight Loss

In her candid and extensive reply, she said that it was anti-depressants that were not letting her shed pounds. She tried almost everything when she was on anti-depressants but she couldn’t make it.

Ariel Winter candid reply to why she’s so thin?

“It was always frustrating for me because I wanted to get fit and feel like the work I was doing was paying off, but never felt that way, she said. I had accepted it and moved on. I hang around on these medications for so long because the process is really extensive and difficult.”

Ariel Winter kept repeating it through her answer. The star was ‘feeling eh’ and accepted the fact rather than trying to find something that makes her feel better.

Her mindset changed because last year she “decided I was sick of feeling eh.” She said that this “eh” feeling has nothing to do with weight. And, then she was able to find something that has worked for her. “A great combination of medication that works for me.”

Ariel winter reply to why she's so thin

The change in medication immediately helped me to drop all of the weight that I couldn’t lose earlier by just giving me back a metabolism. Winter clarified that “I much better mentally with the change” and added that she finds it “nice to work out and have your body actually respond” unlike before.

Ariel added that while she has lost weight she wants to gain a few pounds of muscle and get healthier and wants her butt back too.

Just like physical health mental health is also important for the star.

Here’s how…

Ariel Winter Mental Health

The modern family star has also been known to speak up another important topic: mental health. Another fan asked how her ‘mental health is now’ and added “thanks for speaking up it helped people like me.

Ariel Winter responded “mental health is exceedingly important for me. The same amount of importance as physical health.” She has opened up about her own experiences and what she does to prioritize her mental health.

Ariel Winter Mental Health

“I was in a therapy for every week for 6 years and don’t know where I would have been without it. I’ve grown so much as a person and able to learn how I can deal with the things from my past that can affect my present,” she wrote. “It’s a journey so I’m not all the way there, but I’m doing it pretty good.”

You can all these on Ariel Winter Instagram post. Her Instagram got flooded with comments of her fans, you can find all of them over there. Ariel Winter age is just 21 and she has faced these may ups and downs in this small age.

What Actually Has Worked for Ariel Winter?

She revealed her medication once again and agreed they were finally working even though it took her ‘forever to find the RIGHT ones.’

Ariel continued “Like I said, it’s a journey and I’m lucky to have people and furbabies around me to show support. There is nothing shameful about seeing a therapist or being on medication”, she continued. “It’s hard to hear when you’re going through time because how do we talk to anyone and find support then if the closest ones to us won’t listen?”

Winter also explained that there is no need to hide ones struggles and to take care of yourself. Since then and there, fans have been praising her for being so open. In June last year, Ariel had enough of the negativity and bullying she was getting on social media. You can find those on Ariel Winter Twitter.

The star had decided to quit twitter but she’s back shortly after. But, for Ariel Winter 2019 is the best year till now and everything is going her way. Winter will be active on all social media. And, Ariel Winter Reddit posts are something where you can clarify it.

She also shared her hopes for the future and the desire to get rid of the stigmas of mental health.

Ariel Winter Before and After Weight Loss

You can find the Alex Dunphy star Ariel Winter before and after pictures getting shared among her fans. Her true fans are those who didn’t criticize her in her bad time.

ariel winter before and after weight loss

ariel winter before and after pictures

So, she wrote, one should wait for their time and take care of yourself. You should be happy despite all the negativities and that’s the real potential of everyone.

The Bottom Line

Winter concludes, “I’m hoping the discussions will keep us progressing in the right direction with mental health checkups. We shouldn’t hide our struggles even though I know how hard it’s to share. We are doing something better for our own lives. And don’t listen to anyone telling you it doesn’t exist or it’s something to keep yourself. “

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