10 Winter Skin Care | Makeup & Beauty Tips | Hair Care Tips

10 Winter Skin Care | Makeup & Beauty Tips | Hair Care Tips

Gone are the days of naturally fair skin and lightened hair. As the temperature drops, your skin demands an extra care with bit dedication.

If you left caring, the day is no far when you will lose your entire beauty and left with awful chapped skin.

Low level of humidity draws away the moisture from your skin, leaving it dry, flaky and feeble. In cold winter months, you have to take quick actions to breathe life into your looks.

Here we are sharing Some Winter Skin Care Tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing in chilling winter months.

10 Must know Winter Skin Care Tips

  1. Switch Up To Moisture
  2. Use Creamy Cleansers
  3. Apply Sunscreen
  4. Avoid Wearing Wet Inner wear & Socks
  5. Set Humidifiers Around You
  6. Take Short Showers & Use Warm Water
  7. Wear Gloves and Socks before Going To Sleep
  8. Eat omega-3 Fatty Acids
  9. Drink Plenty of Water
  10. Care For Your Lips


Tip#1: Switch Up To Moisture

Dry Skin is one of the common issues you come across during winter months. Include moisture to your skin care regime as moisture is the key requisite for your skin’s survival during the winter months.

Your skin requires switching to a heavier moisturizer. So, go for an oil-based moisturizer that creates a protective layer of moisture on the skin and keeps it safe from dehydration.

Winter Skin Care


Tip#2: Use Creamy Cleansers

Use mild face and body washes. Stay away from products containing harsh detergents such as triclosan and ammonium lauryl sulfate. Do check the label for gentle surfactant like Cocamidopropyl betaine and sodium Laureth sulfate. Be careful while choosing your winter skin care products.

Winter Skin Care


Tip#3: Apply Sunscreen

If you think sunscreen is just for summer months, then you are wrong. Winter sun combined with snow glare is enough to damage your skin. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face and hands before stepping out in the sun.

Winter Skin Care


Tip#4: Avoid Wearing Wet Inner-wear & Socks

Never wear wet innerwear, socks or gloves as this can cause rashes and itching. Wear cotton innerwear before putting on woolen clothes. Avoid wearing wool directly on bare skin. It may cause allergies and end up with rashes.

Winter Skin Care

Tip#5: Set Humidifiers Around You

Set humidifiers in homes and offices to keep the air hydrated. Hydrated air reduces the chances of dehydration of the skin.

Consumer Product Safety Commission advises setting the humidifier’s unit for 30 to 50% humidity during the winter months. You need to change the water in humidifiers daily and clean the unit regularly to stay away from infections.

Winter Skin Care


Tip#6: Take Short Showers & Use Warm Water

Hot water might feel good in the cold morning, but it strips skin of its natural oils, leaving it itchy and dehydrated and itchy. Take showers not more than 10 minutes and use warm water. Also, avoid drinking too cold water. You may suffer from cold and cough. So, it’s better to take precautions always.

Winter Skin Care


Tip#7: Wear Gloves and Socks before Going To Sleep

For extra winter skin care, apply cold cream to your hand and feet and wear cotton gloves and socks before going to bed. This will block the evaporation and help the cream penetrate the skin more effectively and keep it soft and supple.

Winter Skin Care

Tip#8: Eat omega-3 Fatty Acids

Also consider omega-3 supplement, or consume more fatty fish and flaxseed to give your skin the building blocks it needs to appear supple and smooth.

Recent Findings reveals that consuming omega-3 fats such as tuna, salmon, walnuts and flaxseeds decreases dryness. You must eat these for extra winter skin care.

Winter Skin Care

Tip#9: Drink Plenty of Water

We usually drink less water in the winter months as we took hot drinks like tea and cocoa, but remember that your skin requires hydration from inside and out. So, keep yourself well-hydrated by drinking ample amount of water. This also gives you glowing skin.

Winter Skin Care


Tip#10: Care For Your Lips

Use lip balm regularly to prevent your lips from cracking. The corners of the mouth get cracked when saliva gets trapped there. The digestive enzyme in saliva breaks down the skin. Lock in moisture with thick ointment if required.

Winter Skin Care

Winter Makeup & Beauty Tips

Here, We are Sharing Some makeup Tips For Glamorous Look In Winter Months.

  • If you have a dry skin, use oil based lotion and applies all over your face gently before applying make-up.
  • If you have oily skin, apply normal lotion. You can also use the little amount of oil based lotion.
  • Use a creamy liquid foundation that matches your skin tone and applies over your face and neck uniformly for the smooth look.
  • To get the flawless look, apply compact powder on your face.
  • Go for warmer eye shadow shades like gray or brown and apply it to your eyelids to make your eyes look more attractive.
  • Use light blusher to add some color to your face.
  • Use mascara for your eyelashes.
  • Apply pink shades of lipstick or colorless lip gloss on your lips for a moist and gentle look.

Winter Skin Care

Winter Hair Care Tips

  • Dandruff is the quite common issue in Winter Months caused by dryness of the scalp. To avoid this, go to hot oil and lemon therapy at least once a week.
  • Wash your hair with luke warm water. Avoid hot water as this can leave your hair frizzy and dry.
  • A deep conditioning is essential for your hair at least once a week. Use good conditioner or you can simply use coconut oil as a natural conditioner for your hair.
  • Hair can split up due to dry weather and result in breakage. Cover your head when you go out to protect your hair from dry winter wind. Use serum or hair cream after washing your hair. It will restore the shine to your hair.
  • Take warm olive oil and apply it on your scalp. It will keep your scalp healthy and free from breakage.

Winter Skin Care

These Winter Skin Care, Makeup & Beauty, and Hair Care Tips will definitely give you glamorous look even in chilling winter months.

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10 Winter Skin Care | Makeup & Beauty Tips


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