Simon Cowell Weight Loss: Music Mogul Reveals the Secret Diet Plan

simon cowell weight loss

Simon Cowell surprised everyone by shedding almost 20 pounds recently. The popular reality show judge has acquired a healthy figure and everyone is in incredulity with his huge transformation.

Britain’s Got Talent judge has been noticed in a slimmer figure with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman in recent times.

Social media has gone crazy about it. Everybody wants to know the secret behind his remarkable change.

Simon Cowell is one of a whole host of famous faces on Television who has articulated about their diet and weight loss journey. It came after Britain’s Got Talent judge provided his life with a complete overhaul. Visit Simon Cowell Wiki to know more about him.

You might be wondering what encouraged Simon Cowell for Weight Loss.

While talking to “Extra”, the  “Britain’s Got Talent” judge revealed the suspense behind going for weight loss!  He admitted, “I feel much better after dropping off some weight. Well, I occasionally crave for Pizza which makes it hard.”

Ahead of his milestone 60th birthday this October, Simon Cowell has opted a healthy lifestyle and chosen a vegan diet.

What Encouraged Him To Take Up The Healthy Way Of Living?

To which he answered it, “it was back in October 2017, when I suffered from terrifying fall, after getting fainted while going down the stairs. It was because of low blood pressure.

During an interview with ‘The Sun’, this April he revealed of his diet plan. He took the vegan diet plan after getting a recommendation for a doctor friend.

It means he is gonna stick to veggies, fruits, nuts and cereals that are healthy and contains low fat. And yes he won’t be consuming animals’ products.

Vegan Diet

 He decided to cut out on specific eating which included meat, dairy, wheat, and sugar consumption primarily . And also melon, which he found was allergic to him.

“Within an interval of 24 hours, I changed my diet entirely and I haven’t looked back since,” Cowell said further. “I feel better, I look better.”

However, it was not just ditching meat and dairy product which worked for Simon slimmer body. But it was the reduced amount of high carbs source- wheat and sugar. Excluding these food items on a daily basis which gave result to the Television Celeb.

In the same interview, he explained his decision to switch the diet plan was also after discovering an allergy to melon.

He further told, he hadn’t eaten melon for six months, and now it makes sense.

What about the vegan diet in the near future?

Well, he tries to stick to the vegan options available at mealtimes. However, Simon doesn’t follow veganism practice 100 percent all the time.

Although he has taken up the vegan diet plan to get a healthy way of life, the Star seems not to be committed to the diet plan in the near future.

He mentions some of his favorite foods, he said: “I love jam tarts, spaghetti Bolognese and yes Hamburgers. I can eat fish but this year I think I will go the whole way.”

Simons also does make simple swaps in his everyday lives which doesn’t seem big but works well. As such, he says no to dairy products, he avoids yogurt and cow’s milk too; he gets a glass of almond milk.

Aware of the high sugar content found in some of the fruits, he makes sure the fruits he is having are fresh. It must be fresh, as it contains lesser sugar than the completely ripen one.


 The X Factor Judge has also cut down his beer consumptions and excluded other high sugar drinks . Further, he has limited his smoking habits too.

Cowell, who shares a son with his longtime girlfriend Lauren Silverman, is happy with the results. Now, he finds himself active with his partner and child, which make him easier to maintain his healthier physique. He said to “Extra”.

 Now, we can cycle together and I love that. We just do normal things and it amazing 

Want to hear more about the diet plan of Simon Cowell weight loss?

Well, Why Did Simon Skip Meat, Dairy Products, Sugar and Wheat?

Let’s have an overview of the nutrition side of these food items. This would let you know- why Simon excluded these meal items out of his diet!

simon cowell skip meat, dairy products, wheat and sugar

#1: Meat

Meat is directly linked to weight gain. Apart from that, the food has been associated with numerous health cases too. These include cardiac disease, cholesterol, obesity, strokes, cancer etc.

A study by the University of Adelaide found that meat contributes to obesity worldwide to the same extent as sugar. Further, meat protein takes more time to digest than fats and carbs which yields a surplus. Lastly, the surplus is converted into stored fats.

#2: Dairy Product

The products obtained from milk are often considered as the culprit for weight gain. It has huge effects on the digestive system due to the high-fat content.

 Milk and other dairy products are the major sources of saturated fat in the US diet plan . These common foods contribute to numerous diseases like Cardiac, type-2-diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Besides that, Studies have linked dairy items increasing risks of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers.

#3: Sugar

Sugar is high in calorie and fattening. It makes you give up a healthy diet plan. Consuming food items high in sugar can cause weight gain and significantly increase your risk of chronic conditions.

It is often related to numerous health conditions. Researches have shown its co-relation with blood sugar level, diabetes, cancer, acne, cardiac problem and obesity. Meals high in sugar are majorly less filling which makes you overeat.

#4: Wheat

Well, whole-wheat grains are full of nutrients but are high in calories. These contain a huge amount of carbohydrate. Higher intake of wheat-recipe can result in weight gain.

Wheat has been found to increase the risk of several health conditions too. The higher amount of wheat recipes can lead to heart disease, and a host of digestive issues, with the dramatic rise in celiac-like disorders.

Well, these were a brief insight into the food items which Britain’s Got Talent judges excluded. If you want to know about the diet plan Simon opt, just jump to the next part.

Simon Cowell Weight Loss Diet Plan: The Vegan Diet

The Britain’s Got talent Judge acquired a healthy lifestyle by switching to a vegan diet plan. The plan doesn’t only revolve around veggies but is beyond.


Are you wondering about the Vegan Diet plan? Here, we are sharing the Simon way to lose your weight and acquire a healthy way of life.

First of all, let’s know what the diet plan actually is.

What Is The Vegan Diet?

Vegan diet is a practice or a way of eating which excludes any eatable obtained from animals. Usually, the practice done in order to exclude animals’ exploitation and cruelty.

However, the diet doesn’t just limit here, it has a huge healthy benefit hidden behind the background.

Excluding the animal products cut down a huge proteins intake which ends up as stored fats in your body.

Whereas, comparing to the food items obtained from the plants they have less calories and lesser fats, making it a healthy option to go for.

vegan diet

Although people go vegan for lots of reasons- yours can be weight loss!

Here, we are sharing six food items, which would make your weight loss easier, healthier and better!

6 Tips for Vegan Diet Plan

#1: Go Green

Greener the veggies the nutrients they are. Fewer calories and high nutrients portion make it the most part of the weight loss diet. Well, the vegan diet mostly has green but it includes more healthy foods which increase your health and no extra body fats

#2: Have Proteins

Tofu, tempeh, seitan soya are a good source of protein in the vegan diet. These must be added as an alternative to meat, fish and other protein-rich sources. Having less calorie and full of nutrients makes it perfect for your vegan plate.

#3: Legumes

Having a variety of legumes can add the lacking protein portion in your plate. You can try out recipes of beans, lentils and peas to fill up your stomach with nutrients without adding many calories to your body. Besides that fermenting, Sprouting and proper cooking can ascend its nutrient absorption.

#4: Nuts and Nut Butters

Vegan diets don’t limit to veggies and fruits only. You can add up several varieties of nuts in your meals. This would fill up the necessary nutrients quota without adding many calories. These are good sources of iron, fiber, magnesium, zinc, selenium and vitamin E.

#5: Seeds

Seeds are one of the food items majorly included in the meal plan of the vegan diet. Particularly hemp, chia and flaxseeds recipes are often added by dieticians. These contain a good amount of proteins and especially beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

To know more about the Vegan Diet, you can read our detail blog on the specified diet plan which has done wonder to many.

The Bottom Line

Well, Simon Cowell, The America TV Show Judge has acquired a healthy life with the amazing diet plan. You can always transform your body and attain a body shape even better than Simon Cowell. If you are thinking to switch to a vegan diet plan, do tell us in the comment box.

How was the blog? Do chime up your views in the comment section below! We like to hear from our reader, it encourages us to do more informative work for you!


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