Rebel Wilson IMPRESSIVE Weight Loss Revealed! 3 BIG SECRETS!

Rebel Wilson IMPRESSIVE Weight Loss Revealed! 3 BIG SECRETS!

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: How’d She Do It?

Every curse can become a reason of your achievements if taken as a challenge. REBEL WILSON has proved it after what she has accomplished.

Yes! we are talking about the challenging WEIGHT LOSS of Rebel Wilson.

Unfortunately as some haters had commented on the physique of her, she marked their words and showed them what she can do and proved it that your haters can always be your motivation.

Now she has become an INSPIRATION for others who are still sitting on their couch thinking of their pudginess.

Rebel Wilson weight loss


Rebel Wilson – Pitch Perfect’s ‘Fat Amy’ – The Inspiration

Let’s check out her Health Reveal…

One of the STUNNING current inspiration for the needy ones out there who are waiting to begin losing weight is none other than the well-known ‘Rebel Wilson’, the famous ‘FAT AMY’ of Pitch Perfect.

The 37 year old Rebel has gain a FABULOUS FIGURE out by losing much pounds of weight in such a less period of time, that is making people more amazed and to Rebel a matter of debate.

Earlier she was usually known for her epic sense of humor, extraordinary comic timing and of course for her brilliantly role played, but nowadays she is a well-known personality of ‘WEIGHT LOSS CONVERSION’, and is getting a lot of heat in the world of fame by winning the heart of her fans.

She has done that job in losing weight that most of like her dreams, that’s why is MAKING HEADLINES about her transformation.

She was recently seen in an exquisite red dress at the ‘GRAND PREMIERE OF PITCH PERFECT 3’. As expected she was looking stunning and was clutching the media’s attention.

Rebel Wilson weight loss


It Was Hard To Ignore Rebel Wilson & Her Continually Shrinking Waistline

Initially she was restricted to lose only few pounds as she was playing the role of FAT AMY in the PITCH PERFECT thus the producers refused to allow her losing more weights, but she triggered the weight losing workouts after when she ended the contracts.

A Women’s Day Magazine proclaimed that she started her journey of weight losing in April 2016 and she accomplished a milestone of losing 35 pounds (15 KGs) just within eight months.

Although Rebel Wilson is a kind of person who don’t take this figure demand of industry too seriously.

As she told that she is not like other actresses who takes too much initiatives and precaution due to the fear of losing SHAPE and SIZE.

She only wanted HEALTH and STAMINA to be maintained for her job which is obvious as writing in a show starring and producing it needs lots of energy and a healthy effort.

Rebel Wilson Believes in Simple Changes in Lifestyle & Diet Plans

That Can Produce an Amazing weight loss Transformation

Unlike others she is enjoying her present weight instead of getting tensed about the curves.

But, UNDENIABLY anyone can get hurt if picks up substandard remarks or comments from someone.

As it was in the case of Rebel Wilson.

She really got upset after reading the comments on one of her video post that were elucidating her as an OBESE PERSONALITY.

She had stated earlier that some of her dreams as a professional in her career is going fine but she has to hold it back because of her excess weighing and having extra size.

Just because of her OVERWEIGHT the actress being broken inside has also said that it hold her back to find someone to love and she has to put people in friend zone as she can easily consider that no one will be attracted to an overweight person.

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Her inner wound can be felt at an extent from what she added to say that there is no person who dreams of his/her over size and overweight.

But after all what she felt, she was not like that girl who would just dreams to get something, instead of Rebel Wilson started working on her goals and how quickly she has achieved it the whole world knows and is getting amazed.

The Amazing Results

Rebel Wilson weight loss

Rebel Wilson weight loss

Looking good, Rebel Wilson!

So how’d she do it…?

The Secret behind Rebel’s Weight Loss Achievement

No doubt that Rebel Wilson has worked hard on losing weight. She has achieved it by getting into an intense schedules of daily workouts.

Her current looks is an evident of it. She is giving a delightful satisfaction to her female fans and becoming a sporty personality these days.

How Her Success Can Be Yours?

Anyone can get motivated from her who wants to lose weights for living a healthy life.

As she has also given a reason of losing weight in which she says that she wanted to become an INSPIRATION for the ladies all over the world for living a healthier life.

It was also seen through her uploaded videos that she was indulged in many PHYSICAL WORKS such as running, beach walks in her home of Melbourne town playing tennis and other sports.


Rebel Wilson’s 3 Weight Loss Secrets

She performed this weight losing task by making THREE HEALTHY HABITS further, which she asked from her Hollywood friends who does it for maintaining health and body shape.

They Are:

  1. Intense Workout & Short Sessions of Strong Exercises

  2. Counting Fibres and Not Calories

  3. Snacking on Fats

And these were the mainly focused practices of losing weight by rebel.

Let’s take a look at each of these weight loss secrets

#1: Doing Intense Workout & Short Sessions: It Powered her METABOLISM also while she was in rest. It can be done by firing up your fast twitch muscle fibres by intense workouts and short sessions of strong exercises.

It helps in turning up the body into a calorie burning machine till almost 24 hours of the exercise. By this one can BURN CALORIES while being a sofa spud.

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#2: Consuming Fibre more & Less Calories was also the MAJOR PART of the weight loss sessions of Rebel. Under this routine,Rebel’s diet was consisted of oatmeal, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and whole grains.

As doing this, it is obvious that one will suffer from the SUGAR CRAVINGS and TASTE HUNGER, like so her trainer has said to Rebel that you will have fluctuating blood sugar level and likely will lay down your hands of hunger bite.

Here Rebel Wilson has adopted a smart way to cheat that hunger. She took shot of ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and eats a STALK OF CELERY whenever she felt sugar cravings. It helped her in fulfilling her cravings and not taking up over calories and prevented her to eat unhealthy foods.

#3: Snacking on Fats: Having healthy fats and LEAN PROTEIN at snacks instead of her usual snacks which were rich in Carbohydrates like pretzels, chips, bagels, and breads.

It helped Rebel to keep her INSULIN LEVEL LOW all over the day. Keeping the insulin level lower is much beneficial and supporting in the swift losing of weights, as it creates time when body burns the enough body fat.

The FAVOURITE SNACKS of Rebel Wilson during her journey of weight losing are Zucchini chips dipped in garden vegetable hummus. Large handful of flavoured almonds, Brazil nuts, or cashews.

Carrot and Cucumber Chips dipped in Fresh guacamole. Raw Almond Butter on Celery and Carrots. Chicken Breast topped with fresh guacamole and olive oil.

These were the steps that Rebel Wilson took to lose her excess weight.

Rebel Wilson weight loss

As every changes takes time, Rebel’s healthy habits was not a two-day story

In fact, required daily participation!

Practicing these habits in daily life will have a CONTRASTING EFFECT that can increase one’s weight losing progress.

Rebel has proved that a woman with STRONG DESIRE can do amazing in any platform with her hard work.

She is now happy with the RESULTS she got all because of her DRUDGERY and is now all set for the future.

All good wishes to her..!!

Inspired by Rebel Wilson and her story before mentioned, here is a short summary on how one can consolidate this and speed up weight losing.

Rebel Wilson weight loss

Rebel Wilson Workout and Diet Cheat-List

How to Stay Motivated—Tips from the Star

  1. Go for a 5-10 minutes of High intensity exercise 4 times per week.
  2. Take All natural metabolism boosting pills consumed after 3 pm daily.
  3. Count your fibre, not your Calories. Get in at least 35 grams per day
  4. Choose your daily snacks high in healthy fats and protein, not carbohydrates.
  5. Start Losing Weight Today!

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