Obesity Has Covered 38% Of America – How To Deal With It?

obesity in USA

Despite several years of effort towards reducing obesity in America and USA, health researchers are not getting any positive result.

In a recent report by Michele Obama Official Health Federal, it is found that the number of obese people in America is increasing slightly.

In 2011 and 2013 only 35% American was obese but in 2013 & 14 the percent has touched 38%. Although the percentage of obese people is small but it is not static. According to researches, in 2020 it might touch the 50% or around it, if any solid steps are not taken. The survey result is really panic and surprising too.

 How To Get Rid of Obesity

The Professor of New York University, Marion Nestle says that “The Trend is very unfortunate and very disappointing”.

Here in America, people are taking much sugar and soda which results Obesity issue. Not only old people or Men are getting obese but Women and adults too are getting it.

In a survey by author, Cynthia L. Ogden, more than 50 % women are in overall 35% of obese American and most of them are youth. 17 % of all obese people are from 2 to 19 years old.

How considerable the matter it is, even kids and teens are getting obese.

Although obesity began to rise from 1980 but the rate started touching the unexpected level from 2000.

According to health experts, frequent changes in their diet cause obesity. The new generations tend to eat more junk food, soda and all which increases sugar level in blood and finally they get obese.

The people who stay in their home and take home made food are likely to consume less fat rather than those who go to colleges or office and have their lunch outside home.


How To Beat The Battle of The Bulge???

So, are you ready to beat the battle of bulge? If yes, then continue to read!

#Comfort Food

Have you ever heard about comfort food? There is a reason behind it.

Actually comfort foods are deep-fried having a cover of sugar or cheese, which helps to tackle your taste and calm your soul, bring your warm memories back.

A question might be reverberating in your mind that if the food is overlapped with sugar and cheese then how it would reduce the fat.

Actually, there are so many factors on which cause as obesity, some of these are:

  1. Less Physical Activities
  2. Heritage Fat Genes
  3. Unnatural eating habits
  4. Sleep Deprivation
  5. Overdose of drugs
  6. Problem in Certain Hormones

Beyond these, there are several reasons which cause obesity.

So, why to blame junk foods only!!

If you are physically active then much amount of calories are required to balance your energy level. You may prefer comfort food which balances both ideal BMI and essential energy level.

Obese, beer belly, much fat, a pot belly or whatever an obese person is called due to overweight but it could be really dangerous if you take it easy.

“If the waist is bigger than your hips, you’re at bigger risk for disease,” said by obesity specialists from Washington University School of Medicine Samuel Klein.

Are you sanctified with the same?

Don’t worry, according to researchers, still you have probabilities to get rid of your extra fat and become slim as much as you wish.For this you have to work on three essential things.




Do you want to know in detail? OK, dive in…


Avoid heavy food, just prefer comfort food and in less amount. Go for the healthy diet like Mediterranean diet and hate processed food. Have meal on time and maintain regularity. Add green vegetables, grains, nuts, etc. in your daily meal to balance energy level.


Along with healthy diet regular cardio exercise is essential to burn extra fat of your body. According to experts minimum 50 mints exercise thrice in week or 30 mints in 6 days of week are essential for you. Exercise works like panacea in weight loss.


This is the most essential things for a human being. Either you eat less or exercise a lot but without giving proper relaxation to your body, good health is a dream only.

Relaxation refers to proper sleeping, proper seating in offices, etc. Less sleeping increases appetite attributes and then you will be tend to take more food which causes obesity.

It also imbalances body immune system which is not good for health.

Have you gone in depth of thinking by reading these all tips?

Don’t worry, if you don’t want to fed-up with these all tips and you don’t have time then you must go for alternate way of losing weight like natural weight loss supplements.

Natural weight loss supplements are launched by health experts only by considering your problem. If you are a job holder or even student, you might don’t have proper routine for diet, sleeping and exercise.

This is why, experts suggested you to go for weight loss supplements.

Here, we have offered some selected and fully natural weight loss supplements called Phen375 which take 30 days to reduce up to 90 lbs weight guaranteed . Sponsors of this products take guarantee of three things:

  • 100% Natural

  • If don’t work then Money Back in 60 Days

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So, why to wait? Order today and start losing weight instead of losing time.

 How To Get Rid of Obesity

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 How To Get Rid of Obesity

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