Jamie Oliver reveals his secret to weight loss is more eating & sleep


Jamie Oliver Inspiration Weight Loss Journey

Jamie Oliver, a TV chef, who rose to fame for his Naked Chef series, look tanned and healthy, as he revealed his staggering 30 lbs weight loss in London on Wednesday.

The 40-years old, who recently declare that he had shed the weight in under four months was actually leaving the ITV studios after making an appearance on ‘This Morning’.


Wearing a white fitted shirt and jeans, the former Naked Chef was having a smile of his face for the photographers while making way to his waiting car.

Jamie has spent some last year of his life campaigning for healthy eating in the US and UK. Besides he was also battling his own weight demons. The chef is back with a new campaign this autumn where he’s declared ‘war on sugar’


Hitting 40, the father of four finally decided to get in the perfect shape.

Well, since weight loss is not a subject of age. So, Jamie Oliver in real terms successfully lose weight.


Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about weight loss chef Jamie Oliver said that he had lost about 12 kilos of weight in a very rapid rate.

The celebrity besides also confirmed that eating less is not the secret of his weight loss. He had instead ate a lot (that is more than ever). Star in addition to all this, accepted of pushing meat down, veggie up, getting more sleep and movement. Last but the least accepted of drinking alcohol now only on weekends.


The British celebrity chef and restaurateur further recommended to people who want to lose weight that no wonder ingredient is available anywhere for weight loss. So, one should only concentrate on eating a ‘rainbow’  of healthy foods and not on the latest super food fad if really desires to lose weight.

The celebrity cook, who whipped up a sea bass with mint, pea and asparagus mash live onto the ITV show, said that

Losing weight is actually the thing which just doesn’t have to be all about denial.

He moreover added, we should never give up on sugar altogether (despite of the fact that he himself declared ‘war’ on its last week).

Jamie Oliver explained:

‘One can totally have a biscuit. He is a food lover, apart from hydrogenated fats, he is not anti any food’.

The celebrity additionally said that he really felt very good and full of energy after bringing change in his diet. According to the chef, it is genuinely very important not to skip breakfast.

He said:

The industry on breakfasts and cereals has trained us to think that we only have 45 seconds a day [to have it] and so we are programmed to think “we haven’t got time”.

So, this was all about Jamie Oliver weight loss. Hopefully you have enjoyed it reading and have got inspiration on weight loss.

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