Is Collagen Safe During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding? Read Here!

supplementing collagen during pregnancy

Whether it is safe to take collagen while pregnancy? This question is usually asked by most breastfeeding and pregnant mothers. So, if you are uncertain about anything during pregnancy, we would suggest you to ask your doctor first.

However, taking Collagen supplement is just like consuming many bowls of bone broth every day. This is practiced and indicated in pregnancy by many women across the world. And has been found that pure collagen is a stupendous adjunct while pregnancy.

Note: I have mentioned PURE but if anything will be added to collagen then it is strictly prohibited to consume in pregnancy.

In a meanwhile, we will discuss in detail about whether collagen is safe in pregnancy but before that let’s have a quick review on collagen.

What is Collagen?

Collagen works as a protein in our body and commonly found in skin, muscles, tendons, digestive system, blood vessels and bones. It removes dead skin cells to provide strength and elasticity to our skin. It also helps to holds our tendons and joints together.

However, collagen production rate gets reduced when we grow older and in such scenario, extra care is needed to our skin. Thus, the deduction of collagen leads to degradation of skin mean wrinkles and sagging skin. Collagen deduction can also cause joints pains due to weaker cartilage at an older age.

There are several benefits of collagen to pregnant and breastfeeding women which we will elaborate a moment later.

Now, let’s come to our main topic which is regarding collagen safety aspect during pregnancy.

Is it safe to take collagen while pregnancy?

You should always remember that anything you will consume is taken by your baby too. And if you are breastfeeding women than also what you eat or drink is feed by your baby.

So, here are few steps that you can follow to get safer results after collagen intake during pregnancy.

Step #1: Consult To your doctor

The very first and immediate action you need to take it to consult with your doctor regarding any suggestion while pregnancy. And it is important before taking any supplements or anything for which you are not sure about safety then first talk to your doctor.

Step #2: Check the warning and instructions

As because all the medications and supplements comes with instructions and warning on them. So, if you want to know whether you can consume it or not while pregnancy then check it too.

Step#3: Be aware about side effects

Besides showing several benefits, collagen can cause adverse reaction to health. Collagen supplements cause some side effects which include hypersensitivity reactions and high calcium levels.

Step#4: Not recommended to shellfish allergic women

It is necessary to note for shellfish-allergic people that some collagen supplements are extracted from marine life. And if you are suffering from shellfish allergy then always be careful and don’t take marine collagen supplements.

It has found that some collagen supplements have unpleasant smell and bad taste in your mouth. Both are not easy to handle in case you are pregnant or having morning sickness.

Step #5: Avoid acidic fruit juices

Consuming collagen supplements with fruit juice can recover bad taste of the supplement. But, it is restricted to consume acidic fruit juice such as grape, apple, orange and tomato juice as because it can weaken the collagen strength.

Other than aforementioned tips, check and look out that actually suit you and if still having any trouble then consult to your doctor regarding safe collagen consumption.

However, it is important to have minerals, vitamins and collagen during postpartum and pregnancy. Though, we can’t denies from the fact that how many nutrients are exhausted form the mother’s body while delivery.

But the work won’t end here, they nurture their young ones through breastfeeding. Then they follow around uncontrolled toddlers for many hours.

And that is the reason we need to be sure that pregnant women bones and joint must be ready for all such work.

There are numerous collagen benefits for all but when it comes to pregnant and breastfeeding, you can find it essential for their well-being and health as well.

What are the Benefits of taking collagen during pregnancy?

It’s obvious that you should worry to use collagen. But collagen benefits are something which will attract you even while pregnancy.

Benefit #1: Stretch marks

While pregnancy, tummy as well as other body parts get large and skin get stretched. Although there are plenty of tricks are researched and applied to prevent stretch marks, but mostly cream is popular for tightening skin. Collagen recover and repair dead skin by supplying new skin cells.

Benefit #2: Aids in bone repair

Pregnancy takes toll on the body of women thus it is very much essential to enhance your strength. Moreover, collagen helps to strengthen and build new bones. It also repair bone under pressure.

Benefit #3: Boost energy and metabolism

It’s common that pregnant and breastfeeding women have low level of energy. It is understandable that first your body is producing a baby then making all the essential nutrients that actually needs for healthier and stronger baby. Glycine (found in collagen) help to increase muscle production and delivers energy to your cells as well.

Benefit #4: Promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails

Collagen is a base of healthy hairs, skin and nails. It is being noticed that after pregnancy hair became radiant, nails get brittle. Collagen is important to bounce back to days where you was before. Collagen provide essential protein that have massive impact on health of skin, hairs and nails.

Benefit #5: Strength your joints

It has found that, pregnancy resulted in many aches and pains. The joint became weaker and prone to injury. The condition become worse when the weight of baby get increased. However, collagen provide strength to your joints and help to alleviate pains and aches. It also prevents joints from the injuries.

Benefit #6: Improve digestion

Collagen enhance HCL (hydrochloric) acid production in gut which help to digest foods. However, it also helps to heal and seal gut by aiding the digestion and lining the gut of proteins and amino acids.

Benefit #7: Helps to detox

Glycine is found in collagen that helps liver to digest toxic substances. Pregnancy already puts heavy loads on liver but adding collagen can help liver to work a bit easier. Thus, it simply mean collagen help your liver to tackle during pregnancy.

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Now, it is clear that pregnant and breastfeeding women can take collagen with certain prescriptive measures. Collagen is often recommended during pregnancy because it prevents nails and hair from growing brittle. It also increase concentration, keep mood swings and keep body functions strong.

Despite researchers has proven it safe to use during pregnancy but extra care is needed in such condition. So, always consult to your doctor before adding it to your daily regimen.

Relax, enjoy and take care of yourself…


What foods produce the most collagen?

Leafy greens and citrus, Oysters, and Meat produce most collagen. While pregnancy you can include these foods in your meal to consume more collagen.


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