Capsiplex Reviews-Does It Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects & More!

Capsiplex Reviews-Does It Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects & More!

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Weight Loss


Metabolism Booster


Appetite Reducer







  • Boost Metabolism
  • Reduce Body Mass
  • Increase Body Energy
  • Improves Digestive System
  • Helps To Burn More Calories


  • May Cause Mild Headache
  • Not Aafe For Pregnant Lady
  • Available Only Online

Capsiplex Pills – Good for Weight Loss?

This week led to Capsiplex unbiased Review, I was obsessed figuring out whether or not this appetite suppressant pills really work.

With my team of health experts, I spent a considerable amount of time looking through the ingredients, side effects and scientific studies of this product.

Plus, we analysed numerous dieter comments and real testimonials. Then, we summarized the information we feel the best revealing Capsiplex reviews.

The verdict is out!!!


You NEED to know these 10 uncovered facts about Capsiplex.

  1. What is Capsiplex?
  2. What are Capsiplex ingredients?
  3. How does it work?
  4. Capsiplex Pros and Cons
  5. Any possible Side Effects of Capsiplex?
  6. Capsiplex Amazon Reviews
  7. Capsiplex Reviews by celebs
  8. Capsiplex Reviews in the Media
  9. Does Capsiplex really work?
  10. Where to Buy Capsiplex?

Get ready…

Capsiplex Reviews


What You Need To Know About Capsiplex?

The fact is, Capsiplex is a “premium weight loss formula” that aims to boost metabolism and help you burn excess fat.

The product, which is manufactured by Bauer Nutrition (a division of Wolfson Berg Limited); is also known as ‘Chilli Diet pill’ and works on the mechanism that hot chili peppers help in boosting metabolic rate and thereby burning more calories efficiently.

The active and powerful set of ingredients include caffeine anhydrous (138mg), Niacin (16mg), ppiperine (5mg), capsicum annun l. (80.34mg), brown rice flour and magnesium stearate.

As a result, it claims to be 100% natural.

I particularly like this formulation as it uses all natural ingredients. You obviously want to know what they are. Go with the further ado…

Capsiplex Reviews



Capsiplex Ingredients – What are these?

Capsicum, the main ingredient of Capsiplex, has been shown to improve weight loss in numerous clinical studies.

It uses the ingredients backed by science which is said to have the effect of firing up your metabolism and burn the calories from the food you eat. Let’s see what these are…

Active Capsiplex Ingredients

  • Capsicum Extract: Capsiplex uses the capsicum from chillies; chillies contain a constituent called Capsaicin, this gives the chilli its heat and pungency which is said to be responsible for most of the beneficial actions. Chilli is very rich in carotenoids, the colourful plant pigment, which are believed to have antioxidant effects.
    Capsicum is very good at raising metabolism of the body. It is also useful in increasing body temperature in the process of thermogenesis which in turns the metabolic rate. So a higher metabolic rate means burning of more fat.

Capsiplex Reviews

  • Niacin: Niacin also known as vitamin Band nicotinic acid helps the body convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose) which is used to produce energy. Niacin is also part of the vitamin B complex and this helps to regulate the metabolism.
    This ingredient is included in the Niacin to boost energy needed by the body. This is so because you need lots of energy to workout properly in order to lose weight and get through the entire day easily. If you combine this with your diet, you will have enough energy and will be focused all day.

Capsiplex Reviews

  • Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine Anhydrous is a synthetic stimulant also known as 1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine. This ingredient is sometimes said to work as a fat burner, metabolism booster and appetite suppressant. Caffeine Anhydrous has been used in many other diet pills.
    Even though caffeine is used to increase the endurance, yet it is included in very small amount. This is because large amount of caffeine didn’t have any effect on the physical activity at all. However, it plays a vital role in increasing strength and boosting fat burning even if it is added in very small proportion.

Capsiplex Reviews

  • Piperine: Piperine is made from black pepper; it is the piperine that gives the pepper its taste. Just like capsicum, piperine is thought to have thermogenic properties. It supposedly blocks the formation of new fat cells, interfering with the activity of genes that control the generation of fat cells.
    This substance increases the bioavailability therefore delivering all the necessary ingredients to the blood stream as required by your body. It acts on the ingredients and absorbs them very quickly in the body leading to faster and quicker results.

Capsiplex Reviews


  • Brown Rice: Brown rice has many nutritional benefits that go beyond facilitating weight loss. The benefits of brown rice cover not only your diet needs but also your overall health requirements. This whole grain is full of vitamins, iron, potassium, manganese, and other nutrients.
    Brown rice has many usefulness regarding your health. Its fibre helps in lowering the cholesterol level, moves waste through digestive tract easily, promotes fullness and prevents blood clotting as well.

Capsiplex Reviews

  • Magnesium stearate: Magnesium stearate is the most common ingredient used in forming tablets because it’s a fabulous lubricant. Known as a “flow agent,” it helps speed up the manufacturing process because it prevents ingredients from sticking to the mechanical equipment.

Capsiplex Reviews

So, this was about the powerful ingredients contained in Capsiplex slimming pills. The next important thing to mention in this Capsiplex Reviews is the effectiveness of the product whether or not this product works.



How Does Capsiplex Fat Burning Formula Work?

The manufacturer claims that the red chilli pepper extract in the Capsiplex stimulates the metabolism so that you burn more calories and thus reduce body fat.

There are studies noticing the calorie burning effects of to this particular formulation.

We all like seeing science-based facts when it comes to whether the supplement actually works?

Capsiplex Reviews

Is there any proof Capsiplex works? –“What Does the Research Say?”

All manufacturers’ claim for Capsiplex is based on one small clinical trial that was carried out at the University of Oklahoma.

In the trail, 25 people took either a Capsiplex diet pills or a placebo before going for an extreme workout.

Researchers then observed their oxygen consumption, the amount of energy they expanded and the heart rate 60 minutes before they exercise.

Capsiplex Reviews

The findings revealed that exercise….

  • increased the rate of calorie burn by 3 fold before taking exercise
  • boosted total calorie consumption during exercise by 3%
  • continued to burn up to 12 times more calories in the hour following exercise

So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you take the Capsiplex slimming pills with healthy diet and regular exercise, you could be burning up to 278 more calories per day.

The research proved that the active natural extract in capsiplex does really work and is effective for long-term treatment for obesity.

So in this Capsiplex Reviews, it can go without say that chillies truly aid weight loss.

In reality, it’s likely they will be the magic slimming pills which many of us intently desire to lose weight.

For any reason, choosing a diet pill that is safe, affordable and works can be an overwhelming or wavering experience. In this Casiplex reviews, we’ll see in which box it fits well.

Yes, you guessed right! I want to emphasise both positive and negative effects of this fat burner pills.


Capsiplex Pros and Cons

As in the case with any other diet supplements, taking Capsiplex slimming pills is likely associated with certain pros and cons tabulated below.

Capsiplex Pros

Capsiplex Cons

100% Natural ingredientsNot a magic pill results are time taken (2 weeks)


Clinically Proven resultsOnly available directly from the official website


Only 1 Pill Per DayMild Side effects may occur, particularly due to its caffeine content


Up to 50% savings on Multi-buy offers
Risk-Free 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.
No major Side Effects

Whew. That’s a lot of information!

With this in mind, I would recommend staying with Capsiplex. Although, if you’re looking to gain more than its claimed benefits, you could take regular exercise and healthy diet.

Buy Capsiplex From Official Website



What Are The Side Effects Of Capsiplex?

The foremost concern about on the Capsiplex warning is its side effects.

What our Research Editor noticed, after taking a closer look on the ingredients of this product is, they are pretty solid.

But when this product is incorporated with various other components of (weight loss pills), there’s a chance that dieters may experience adverse side effects.

Though capsicum pepper extract is 100% natural and is highly effective at helping you shed fat, you need to consume as per direction to avoid any adverse reactions.

Unfortunately, taking Capsiplex diet pills in large quantities can irritate the sensitive lining of your stomach.

Temporary side effects of Capsiplex You may risk ending up with

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia

In fact some users have reported elevated heart rates and increased sweating.

Capsiplex Reviews

I found some Capsiplex reviews by users offering awesome weight loss stories.

But how does Capsiplex claim to do this?

Is there any evidence to support these claims?

Great questions! Let’s take a closer look.

Scroll down to see some concrete proof showing Capsiplex diet pills really works.



Top Postive Capsiplex Amazon Reviews – See what users have to say

By Crystal on March 3, 2016

As every other woman, I have tried everything for weight loss! This product works!! It SERIOUSLY takes away your appetite, and you just feel full. Even if you try to eat, you just won’t be able to. Definitely buying it again!

By Sharon on April 11, 2015

Definitely curbs your hunger. I wouldn’t suggest taking it on an empty stomach though as the instructions suggest.

By Louwanda Jones on April 19, 2013

I chose the okay stars because I just started taking the product. Hopefully, I will see some results in another week or two. I really like the fact that it doesn’t make me sick or light headed. Another plus is that delivery was good.

By Kelsy L. Mcginness on March 18, 2014

Shipping was very fast. I get plenty of energy with this product. Will buy again! I only take one a day and that is usually enough to get through. I have a very active job and this product helps curb my hunger AND get me through a physically hard work day!

By AMAL on May 16, 2011

It really works however; and since I’m not doing exercises so I have to take it before breakfast as instructed, which caused me a Piles because my breakfast consists of a coffee that’s the only disadvantage I faced.

Capsiplex Reviews

After reading these success stories if you are confident enough of the trustworthiness of the product, then Go Ahead and give yourself this amazing treat.

Buy Capsiplex From Official Website



Celebrities Share Their Capsiplex Reviews

It’s no wonder that high-profile models and famous celebs carry Capsiplex diet pills to their photo shoots and film sites.

Capsiplex is that successful diet pill which is hotly endorsed by famous celebrities who used it which include UK stars like Roxanne Pallett and Nicola McLean.

Nicola McLean lost most of her baby weight with this pill. She says, “She found an amazing supplement which burnt 12 times more calories when exercising. It also helped her shed post-pregnancy weight so much quicker than last time. The formula being so natural, it didn’t have any side effects. It’s brilliant!”

Besides, English actress and Singer,Roxanne Pallett who is well known for playing Jo Sugden in TV soap opera Emmerdale, claims to have struggled to fit into the jeans, has now dropped weight and feeling confident again about her body size and image.

She is a very big fan of Capsiplex and in fact, she recommends this to all her friends who want to lose weight. She loved the fact that it is safe and natural but more than that she loved the figure she got.

When celebrities use and endorse a weight loss product it’s a pretty good indicator it works.

Capsiplex Reviews

If it works for Brad and Angelina – why not you!

Capsiplex, clinically proven slimming pills, have helped top big celebrities like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Roxanne Pallett and Britney Spears to shed weight without having any drastic changes to their lifestyles – and Capsiplex can do the same for you too.



Capsiplex Reviews in the Media

Undoubtedly, Capsiplex has been ruling the roost in media. The success stories of many people after consuming Capsiplex has covered by leading newspaper worldwide.

In fact, media can’t get enough of it, The Sun, Chat Magazine, Daily Mail and several other top publications have many times featured Capsiplex for its effectiveness and results.

Further, over 50,000+ units have been sold in Harrods alone (top UK department store) at the time of its launch weekend.

And now it is lately being endorsed by the UK singer and actress Roxanne Pallett, who is known to drop about 2 dress size after taking the pills.

Capsiplex Reviews

Capsiplex Reviews

Buy Capsiplex From Official Website

The Bottom Line on Capsiplex Reviews 2017


Does Capsiplex really Work?

So, what are my final words on Capsiplex Reviews? Well, the fact I like the most about capsiplex is that it contains all natural ingredients and has grabbed numerous positive customer reviews and feedbacks.
If you want to transform your body and life, I recommend choosing this supplement containing science backed ingredients.

The product contains four pharmaceutical grade ingredients, which have been shown to ignite weight loss and help increasing metabolism.

Dieters and weightwatchers are sharing their success stories about seeing best results and there’s no chatter regarding any adverse effects of this pill.

I can certainly recommend this product for usage.

Capsiplex Readers: The makers of Capsiplex are so confident in their product that they’re offering a 2-Week Sample to the customers.

The question, of course, everyone is asking is where can I buy Capsiplex diet pills in my local area?


Where to Buy Capsiplex?

When you have decided to buy capsiplex diet pill then be careful and don’t get scammed! There are several things you need to know before you buy Capsiplex pill from the market. There are several things you need to watch out before buying.

Suppose, if you are looking to buy Capsiplex from the local pharmacies like Boots, Gordon Chemist, Tesco, etc. then remember this product is unavailable at these local stores.

In case, the store is providing you the product then it is possible that the product is fake or they might be selling it at a price higher than the actual price.

Similarly, there are number of online shopping portals selling Capsiplex pills but at much higher price that is seriously bit hard to afford.

Hence, never prefer to buy it from any online shopping websites like Amazon, GNC, Walmart and EBay, even ignore visiting megastores for it. Chances are that you could probably get deceived as the manufactures of the Capsiplex do not claim to sell their products via third party sellers.

Original Capsiplex is only available at its official website with free delivery anywhere in the world. Moreover, there are some benefits associated with buying from official website that you could enjoy special offer when buying three month supply.

Also, you get a free carb blocker if you go for a special price.

Grab Today’s (//) Active Deal on Capsiplex


Capsiplex Walmart

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation which is developed to handle grocery stores, discount department stores and hypermarkets. It stocks and sells almost everything that you need. But, even though Walmart is a signature brand in America, you will not find Capsiplex weight loss pills in this outlet.

You will get disappointed to know that this outlet does not contain Capsiplex slimming pill. In case, it sells you Capsiplex then don’t buy it because it can deceive you for your money. In fact, it’s not only Walmart but no other retailer and GNC sells Capsiplex.

Moreover, if you happen to buy Capsiplex at Wal-mart, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits offered by manufacturer which is only available at its official website. Apart from this, you will not get 60 days money back guarantee as well. Hence, it is advised not to buy Capsiplex from these outlets.


Capsiplex Stockists in the UK

  • Boots is one of the largest pharmacy stores in the UK, unfortunately their stores DO NOT stock Capsiplex slimming pills.
  • Even, the well-known food store chains Holland & Barrett DO NOT stock Capsiplex.

The only convenient way you can buy Capsiplex diet pills is to order online from official website, where a month’s supply of Capsiplex is currently retailing at $39.95.

The best value for this popular fat burner pills can be only be found at Capsiplex official website.

Here you can make exclusive savings of up to 30% off the regular retail price including free bonus offers.

Also, there’s available a lot of multi-buying offers and the more bottles you buy the more you save.

Take Me to the Official Capsiplex Website

You can be rest assured; this link will take you to the official website of the real Capsiplex weight loss pill.

Capsiplex Reviews

Crylon Fowler
Crylon Folwer is a certified Clinical Dietician who is working at The Spine Clinic, Seattle. Her work is to guide people to live a healthy and fit life. She attended her studies at University of Washington. She helps and inspires thousands of people to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Get Me on Social Channels: About Me | Facebook | Instagram | Google+ | Quora


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    Weight Loss


    Metabolism Booster


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    After trying lots of fat burners and energy boosters from stores like GNC, Amazon and not really being satisfied, somehow I found capsiplex slimming pills, i guess i came to know about this through daily mail website, my results are great. Believe me in just 60 days i have managed to lose more than 40 pounds.

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    Hiya, I simply hopped over in your site by means of StumbleUpon. No longer one thing I’d normally learn, but I preferred your thoughts none the less about this awesome slimming pills capsiplex. Thank you for making something value reading.

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