Anne Hathaway Reveals Her Dramatic Weight Loss Secret


The incredible transformation of the weight of Oscar-winning actress is doing rounds on the internet. Anne Hathaway weight loss is something that made everyone go surprised. If you pay attention to social media and any other news sites then you would find nothing but Anne’s 25-pound weight loss. You can notice her skinny figure in the recent photos.

Anne Hathaway said a lot of talk and pressure will be there especially on the girls to lose the weight. She didn’t do it to get hot but to look like she’s dying, she added. For her role to play a dying prostitute, she has to shed some pounds quickly.


How Anne Hathaway Lost the Weight

Celebrities are observed for employing a strong method for quick weight loss. The Hollywood actress and singer confessed that she lost weight by doing fasting. First 10 pounds she lost 3 weeks and next 15 pounds in just two weeks that to during the production. She was eating almost nothing for 13 days when she was shooting, munching only salads and green vegetables.

Salads and green vegetables for weight loss

Anne Hathaway just wanted to look Fantine for her movie role, this starvation diet had an intense effect on her body, she added. She wasn’t able to sleep at night because her body was in need of food. Hathaway after losing the weight quickly, she said that she would never advise any other women to lose weight like this. Anne was upset to talk about her weight loss as she doesn’t like to glamorize her look.


Is the Diet Safe

Anne would not like to encourage fans and followers her extreme diet footsteps. The diet is not safe for everyone and doesn’t do it at home, this can ruin your weight loss goals in long term. You can try this diet if an expert has advised you. Even the research has proven that a rapid weight loss slows metabolism which increases the chances of gaining the weight later. Your body won’t get enough nutrients and that will cause harm to your immune system which causes heart palpitations and cardiac stress.

The diet she consumed, named as rabbit food. It was actually Detox diet which consists only salads and green vegetables.

How to Choose a Detox Diet

Now you would be thinking that if the diet isn’t safe then why we’re going to discuss this. We can choose a healthy and not harmful one. The experts agree that a healthy program should include whole, unprocessed foods full of fiber, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

Dieter should avoid something when they are looking for the best detox.


Detox diets that are very low in calories: When you’re choosing this diet, choose something which has more calories so that you can function normally.

Detox diet that makes big promises: You should not involve in a program that promises you for a quick weight loss or a cure for a disease. You have to be aware of the diet that requires you to buy expensive pills or products.

Detox diet that eliminates food groups: You should choose a detox food group that includes a variety of nutrients – dense whole foods rather than relying on juices and supplements.


The Best Detox Diet for You

Unlike your assumptions, there is different detox that works for every single person. Try something better than others based on detox diets, drinks, and pills.

Read on to know the best detox diet….

best detox_diet

#1: The Shred Power Cleanse: If you have two weeks of enough time then this diet is for you. The diet is fully filled with whole, nutritious, fiber-rich foods, a common sense approach for eating, and exercise program. It’s not actually a weight loss program but you can lose weight when you’re on this diet. During the program, you’ll also get to learn healthy lifestyle habits.

#2: The 3-Day Detox Diet: Don’t you have 2-weeks of time? This 3-day detox would fit in your way. It’s easy, simple, and no fancy food required. This diet plan you can follow to reset your taste buds after a busy party season or a vacation full of junk foods.

#3: The drinking Detox: If you don’t want to change what you eat, you can change start by changing what you drink. Almost all health experts say that you’ll lose weight if you give up on alcohol either permanently or for a short time. Boozing doesn’t give you nutritional benefits rather cause you to eat junk food as it contains more calories. Saying NO to alcohol is the best way to detox the body, sleep better at night, boost energy level, and slim down.


How to Lose Weight Safely

Most of the girls would like to get a slimmer figure and maintain the figure with a healthy lifestyle for lifelong. If you want to lose the weight without any side-effect then go cycling on and off repeatedly and trim down yourself 10, 15, 20 pounds or more, she added. Anne Hathaway said that the celebrity style diet, like these salads and green vegetable diet, won’t stay longer. As you go back to your normal eating habits those lost weights will come stacking back on. If you’re fitness freak and looking for diet and fitness as well then look for a LIFELONG solution, she added.

Anne Hathaway Weight Loss Statistics & Net Worth

Anne Hathaway has become more dedicated towards the vegetarianism after eating salads and green vegetables. Getting older made Anne feel more comfortable in her own skin. She got producers pressure to lose the weight but she’s happy and satisfied. Through this, she can still recall the days when she was not quite taking care of herself. The actress admitted that she was starving herself for award shows and smoking heavily to calm her nerves.

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